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Sweater Weather with Haikang

Forget the Autumn Equinox or Thanksgiving, for me, it's not really fall until the leaves change colour and you bust out the cozy sweaters!  For October's fashion post, Haikang and I drove out to York Regional Forest to try to get some fall colours in our shoot.

Oh yes, Princess Maycee joined us too! Adding that Golden Retriever glow to add to the yellow leaves :) I went for a "Fall Catalog" style for the actual fashion shots so scroll on down to take a look!

Q: What are some of your favourite pieces for fall?
My favourite fall attire has to be sweaters (all types!) I am personally a big fan of wool sweaters from Club Monaco and I own quite a few of them. Pairing wise, I love to pair sweaters with business casual blazers as they are usually appropriate for most occasions.

Sweater from J Crew
Jeans from Levis 519
Shoes from Aldo
Sunglasses from Gentle Monster (*fave!*)

Coat from Reiss London

Q: What do you look for when choosing fall pieces?
I am a big fan of slimmer fitting garments especially with my jeans and outerwear. In terms of length, I like my tops to be of the shorter length (might be due to my height haha) and my bottom to be cropped. When I do my fall shopping, I tend to look for more colourful pieces for my shirts and sweaters while keeping a vintage feel on my coats (Jack&Jones comes to mind). I love to put on wool sweaters and cotton shirts for this season as they complement the weather nicely and you can always take the sweater off if it gets too warm (Toronto weather!)

Q: Do you like to follow modern trends or prefer classic looks? How do you incorporate new pieces into your wardrobe?
I tend to maintain a balance between modern trends and classic looks. I would say my personal preference will be 70-30 (modern to classic). However, it does depend on the specific item. For instance, it makes more sense to get a more classic-looking coat rather than a t-shirt as you will wear the coat a lot less often than the t-shirt and so it will need to look good through changing times. For new trends, I do not have a fixed outlet from where I obtain my fashion aspirations aside from doing a lot of shopping both online and in store. However, I usually take a mental note if I see something on TV or in person that I think will fit me well.

Second outfit was shot on Main Street in Unionville. I was there previously in this post and also in this post but this place never fails as a classy backdrop for photos! I find that there are so many different looks you can achieve due to the variety in this historic little neighbourhood. It's filled with cute cafes and restaurants and boutiques, and yes, even a train station where we took these last couple of shots.

Thanks Haikang for a fun shoot day and your fall outfits! In all honesty, the sweater shoot in the forest is one of my favourites so far, and kudos to Haikang for going along with my demanding instructions -- the log I made him sit on was quite damp from a previous rainstorm! I too love sweaters and autumn is easily my favourite season (if not for the fashion aspect alone!) and I can't be more pleased with out those photos turned out.

Thanks for reading and hope you enjoyed the photos! :)