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Halloween 2015: Mario Kart Party Photoshoot

This is coming at you about a bajillion times later than I had hoped. Reason 1: I severely underestimated how many photos I took during the shooting process. Reason 2: I severely overestimated how much time/energy I had available as well as my proficiency in Photoshop. Essentially, I bit off way more than I could chew and so here I am posting Halloween photos in December like some crazy person. But better late than never right? Photos are done at last *weeping tears of joy and relief* Choose your character (click to enlarge) My first two photos came out within the first couple of days.  I was all hyped up and excited with the big (read: overly ambitious) plans I had for the photos, and was still running off the motivation and momentum from the shoot. #squadgoals #ridetogetherdietogether Who else would I be in a lineup with? And I was so, so, SO excited to play with Photoshop - which I previously only used to add my signature to the corners of my photos (or someti