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Snow in Springtime

I originally wanted a rainy day theme for March's vintage shoot but we got more snow this month than we did in December... Welcome to springtime in Canada: where the weather's made up and the season doesn't matter. This shoot compared to January's and February's was many times more difficult, and I had gone out on not one, not two, but  three  separate occasions to try to complete this set (weather was super uncooperative).  So it's safe to say this batch of photos did not come easy -- although in the end, I'm pretty happy with the results.  Hope you enjoy these photos! Script Umbrella - BCBG Princess Trench - Forever 21 Black block-heeled pumps - Aldo Dress with leather trim - Danier I had the idea for a rainy day theme fairly early on, but I didn't have a clue to any specific shots at all.  I knew that at least it had to feature 1) one of my (many) trench coats; 2) an umbrella (duh); and 3) this adorable blue cloche (that's

Photography Walk on Capital Hill

After January and February's vintage posts, I admit to being a little overly-optimistic in how things work out for the vintage photoshoot ideas I have planned. I wanted to try an outdoor shoot for March but Ottawa got slammed with 50cm+ of snow in its first two weeks... so unfortunately, that didn't really align with the visuals I had in mind.  It was somewhat warmer (ie. raining) when I first started writing this blog post...but it looks like we're seeing some more snow.  So much for first week of Spring! Still, I'm keeping my fingers crossed I'll be able to get a Spring-style shoot in before the end of the month. One weekend gave the slightest hint of the end of winter, at a record warmth of 2 degrees above zero, and so my new photog buddy Nick and I went on a photography walk around Parliament. I haven't really visited the buildings but apparently tours need to be booked waaay in advance so I've made a note to self to go next time. appreciating the