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Hot Chocolate & Holiday Casual

Happy happy holidays and happy winter solstice! It's last day in the office for me as we'll be driving home to Toronto for the holidays so I'm very excited. Lots of folks were complaining about the shortest day of the year but to me, it means that it's all uphill from here :) It'll be summer again before we know it! There's still a lot I have to do before we drive off into the sunset, including packing up the kitties for the trip and getting the apartment in decent shape so we don't come back and start the new year in a messy place. Plus, I wanted to get this post out before I leave as well so I can take my holiday photos when I'm home without worrying about getting these done. For the product shoot, it's a pretty simple concept but I really wanted to feature my favourite mugs. I love the shape and the cute blue dots, and they're handmade in Poland!  Both mugs and these flower props were also found at the thrift store! I reall