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Musée in Montreal

It's kind of a commonly-made joke that the best part about living in Ottawa is the proximity to Montreal :P Not going to comment on whether or not I agree, but I will admit that it makes weekend trips much more convenient compared to Toronto.  It was an artsy-fartsy trip and I'm pretty excited to be sharing some photos from my visit last weekend to see my best friend Eliza. We started off the day with a slight detour over the Victoria Bridge across the St Lawrence: Bridge in fog ...but eventually made it to our intended destination, Premiere Moisson Bakery. They had the most adorable looking desserts and pastries that looked too good to be food. I was particularly enamoured with this one: strawberry rhubarb tart For breakfast though, I prefer savoury over sweet, and so I decided on a warm drink and a "bon matin" (lit. "good morning"), which was a quiche with an egg on top: first bite!  surprisingly filling! After foo

Fall Walks with Lily

Super excited to share the first post of my 2017 Fashion Photography project!  January post featuring the fabulous Lily :) I've been eager to share these photos for a while.  As I'm sure you can see from the autumn leaves, they were taken a little while ago #tbt :P Jacket - Top - Dynamite Skirt - J Crew Back in November one weekend, we met up for lunch to chat about our respective interest in fashion and photography and go for a quick shoot afterwards.  The trees were still gorgeous in their autumn colours but at the same time, enough had fallen that the ground was covered in a beautiful leafy blanket. my favourite shot from this shoot! Lily expressed an interest in a blog of her own, to document and share her fashion ideas, but she was concerned with finding the right photographer.  I was, of course, then incredibly touched that she liked my work enough to reach out to see if we could collab! Watch - Daniel Wellington These photos are fro

2017 Fashion Project

First official post of 2017 whoo!  As previously alluded to at the end of my last post, with the end of the 2016 Vintage project, I'll be starting a brand new project for 2017.  Specifically, I'll be looking to focus on phasion fotography -- ahem, fashion photography (doesn't it look so fancy in italics :P) There's a couple of reasons why I want to pursue this project.  The vintage project was great in pushing me to explore specific ideas and concepts that I had in mind, creating something that only existed in my imagination, and trying out self-portraiture.  Oh, not to mention the totally justified shopping sprees and playing dress-up hehe. However, I realized that I want to focus more on being behind the camera again.  There's a timing issue with self-portraits that relies heavily on a iterative process of reviewing and adjusting, and I found that I really missed the level of "in-the-moment" artistic direction I would have if I were behind the camera

Bit of Bubbly

Happy New Year! Finishing off my 2016 vintage project with a New Year's Eve themed BANG :) Hip-hip-hooray! toot toot! bit of bubbly juuuust a little bit Hope everyone had a great NYE, partied responsibly, and isn't too hungover today :P looking back Looking back...I can't believe this year is over, just like that. It's been a pretty crazy year to say the least. So much has happened, and I'm so grateful for all the experiences. I've already started to reminisce about the good times in 2016, and thinking about how I can apply my lessons learned in the new year. reflecting time Reflecting specifically on this 2016 Vintage project, I definitely had my ups and downs. So many times I struggled to come up with a concept, stressed at the prospect of not being able to keep my commitment.   I constantly second-guessed myself, Is this idea good enough? What if it's not as good? Is it really too much to do a different