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Japanese Beer & Fashion

Last weekend, I attended my very first beer festival -- Beau's Oktoberfest out in Vankleek Hill (between Ottawa and Montreal). It was a really fun time and I'm already looking forward to next year! With beer on the brain plus a few cans of Sapporo in the fridge, I started brewing up ideas for this month's product shoot. background is authentic happi coat that I brought back from my trip to Japan! "the Avengers shot" - A.K. the samurai shot A bit of background on the photo shoot: my first attempt at shooting was during a power outage and so in editing the first batch photos, I had the weird feeling something was off. I quickly realized that I was missing the condensation/frostiness on the can and glass that conveys the message that the beer is cold. Frustrated, because we gave away basically everything in the fridge so it wouldn't go bad during the power outage (which included the rest of the beer) I ranted to my friend Charlotte. Coincidenta