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Travel Luggage & Outfits

I can't believe it's the end of August!! It's been a good summer this year but part of me can't help but feel the FOMO. Soooo much of my Facebook newsfeed is a constant reminder of all the places I haven't been, but the one that hits super hard is the fact that I've still never been to Europe! I'm packing for the long weekend in Montreal but my imagination likes to pretend I'm going to Italy or Spain. One thing I noticed is that ever since I picked up my new DvF luggage set, I've enjoyed packing a lot more! I remember reading this article that builds on Marie Kondo's concept of only keeping/buying things that "spark joy", and the author of the article talks about buying a $50 rose gold stapler (wow!) but how the simple act of stapling piles of paper together now brings her joy. Given my regular trips home to Toronto with a few trip to Montreal sprinkled in here and there, sometimes it feels like I'm constantly packin

Vintage Finds of Summer 2018

It's been a good summer for thrift shopping, both at the monthly 613flea markets and my local thrift stores so I wanted to dedicate a blog post to my summer vintage finds. I especially enjoy vintage items in the summer because they're a lot of fun to wear: big full skirts perfect for twirling, whimsical prints and colours to match the cheery, sunny weather. I also wanted to share some tips when shopping for second-hand vintage that I like to call:  How to tell Vintage Finds from Old Crap . Read on for my tips + outfits from a weekend trip to Niagara! Tip #1 : Look at the tags to understand the materials - cotton, silk, etc. Even some solid quality polyester has been good to me, like the skirt in this outfit below. Vintage sunhat from Lady Arkenstone Vintage at 613flea Mustard ruffle top from H&M (thrifted) Pleated skirt from vintage Liz Claiborne (thrifted) Brown sandals from Massimo Dutti This navy pleated skirt was an awesome find. As previously mentioned