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Photoshoot: Flowerpot Island

As you may have already known from my Instagram, I recently went to Flowerpot Island.  We took a ferry departing from Tobermory on the Bruce Peninsula and stayed on the island for around 3 hours.  We knew the drive there would take at least 4 hours (not including the frequent stops along the way) so we wanted to make the most out of it.

Flowerpot Island is a beautiful location that attracts many tourists.  Being in a large group with members all toting giant DSLRs, we also attracted the attention of many tourists.  One of which, is the super happy Alice, pictured below.

We met on the boat and her fun and friendly nature captivated all of us.  She was very excited to pose and her sunny choice of clothing was perfect for the blue water and skies.  Love all these postcard style shots!

Anita's looking quite sweet in Outfit Number 2 on the rocks by Big Flowerpot:

Outfit number 3, waiting to go back to Tobermory

The trip was organized by the same photography association I briefly mentio…

Instant Grammification

Good news everyone! (in my best Professor Farnsworth voice)

I'm now on Instagram!  Yes, I've finally, somewhat reluctantly, hopped on the hashtag bandwagon after realizing my Facebook was becoming cluttered with mobile photo uploads.  So, I got myself a shiny new Instagram so I can instantly gram to my heart's desire (is this not how this works? how any of this works?)

I've added a link to my Instagram on the blog home page and I'm thinking of also adding a page to have a mosaic of all the little square thumbnails.  I'll be posting random shots taken with my HTC and sneak peeks/behind the scenes to blog posts and photo shoots, so I do hope you'll follow me :)

Thanks again for stopping by!

The Other Side: Clover Field

I've been missing my dear friend Bonnie for a while now.  She's currently working in a different city, 3,800km away from me.  I still think back on the days when she was only 380 seconds away, when I could just knock on her door and bother her any time I wanted.  So here is my tribute to Bonnie and her fondness of clovers.  Cheers!

Hope you come home soon! 

TBT: Under My Umbrella

This post was supposed to be all about this little guy and of course his equally adorable owner, Miss Anita.

Just as I was about to press "publish", I suddenly remembered a similar set of photos from the earlier days. Gonna keep this post short and sweet, but hope you enjoy the photos below!

Warmer tone in these new ones to complement the yellow umbrelly.

Thanks for reading!

Seriously Fun

What does it mean to be serious?

When people ask if I'm a photographer, I give my little spiel about being "more of a hobbyist, but trying to get more serious".  I've given a lot of thought about what it means to be "serious" about something like photography, and I've realized that for the longest time, I was terrified of coming across as taking myself too seriously.  What I mean is that I have the fortune (and perhaps misfortune) of having some really talented friends (link opens to the amazing Daryl Tiong).  And when you're surrounded by people who you know are a lot better than you, you can get a little shy.  I think for the average person, looking at work that is a lot better than your own can only be inspiring to a certain point, and then past that point, it just becomes demotivating.  You start to think, "oh my god, I could never do that".  So I hesitated when it came to publishing an album and making a watermark and starting a blog …