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Month of May

This post is dedicated to my mom. Happy parents @ Tulip Festival in Ottawa May is a celebratory month in my family.  It's Mother's day, my mom's birthday, as well as my parents' anniversary.  On top of that, we seem to celebrate the arrival of summery weather and pretty flowers.  So we always make sure to do something special. But this year felt a little different.  Maybe it's that I spent Mother's day away from my mom, in a different city, over 400km away.  Maybe that's why social media seemed extra annoying, with everyone else posting their photos of their own Mother's day celebrations.  I know I shouldn't complain; it could definitely be worse.  But shockingly, just knowing "it could be worse" didn't make me feel any better. A couple days later, I rush home to Toronto, barely managing to spend the last two hours of my mom's birthday with her, in a tiny 24-hr noodle restaurant, of all places. "I don't have my