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Tea time at Tiffany's

First post of 2016 whoo! One of my (many) new year's resolutions is to try to be more consistent with my photoshooting and blog-posting, so I set a small goal of at least 1 post per month. As you can see, I'm barely managing to scrape by with January's post -- but hey! I still made it :) I've always liked the vintage look and the idea behind this photoshoot is something I've been planning for a long long time.  However, I was missing some key pieces until not too long ago.  I'll speak to them some more in a bit, let's jump straight to the photos, shall we? time for my close-up I picked up this LBD last year during one of Zara's season-changing sales.  I consider it a big win and anyone who has seen the state of Zara during one of their sales knows exactly what I mean (that place is a hot mess). Sadly, I never found the right time/place to wear it and it sat in my closet for a whole year! The cute half-capped sleeves, gathered waist, a