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Back to School with Amanda

The heatwave finally broke and it's back to our regularly scheduled programming: hellooooo Autumn! "Second summer" was nice but the intense heat days made me wish for more seasonally appropriate temperatures, oof. Seems like I got my wish considering I was shivering in my jacket on my way to work yesterday! The drop from 40 to 15 degrees was so sudden and dramatic, it'll be a while before my body adjusts. But I know better than to wish for a third  summer -- feels nice and cozy to be wrapped up in knits and jackets. Unfortunately for Amanda, it was still unseasonably hot (in the sun at least) when we shot these photos! Props in advance for being such a trooper, but what is fashion without the occasional sacrifice of physical discomfort :P Dress from Forever21 Boots from Steve Madden Bag from Kate Spade Q: What are some trends right now that catch your eye? What are some upcoming trends that you’re excited to try out? Some trends I am excited for t

Summer Fashion Week

After a fairly disappointing summer from June through August, Ottawa (and Toronto too) seems to have started  real  summer in September! Coincidentally following New York Fashion Week (which previewed new designs for Spring/Summer 2018), I decided to make the most of "second" summer by breaking out a couple of my newer pieces that I didn't yet get a chance to wear. As I've mentioned in the past, my blogger inspirations were not photographers, but fashion bloggers ( Wendy's Lookbook  and  Extra Petite ). While most of my blog is photography focused, I do enjoy sharing out my fashion side too! So here goes another summer fashion post, reminiscent of  this one  that I did way back when I first started this blog :D The Maxi Dress This dress is another one of my favourite finds at my local thrift store, I actually wore this multiple times already. Easily my go-to piece when I want to look nice with minimal effort. It has a padded bust too so I can go

Sad Sunflowers & Mr Krabby Pants

For most things in life, timing plays a huge part in whether it works out or not. Shooting is no different, and this is especially true for outdoor shooting, where it can be sunny one second and overcast the next. And this is especially especially true for shooting with flowers that only bloom for like, what, a week? Miss that window of opportunity and you get what you see here: Yep, those are some sad looking sunflowers. Honestly, I think I only missed the mark by *this* much. Check out last year's sunflower photos - gorgeous and in bloom and only a week earlier. I think I was just desperate since I missed the lavender bloom back in July, thought I could catch the tail-end of the sunflowers. Oh well, I'll just have to try again next year. At least I get to shoot my new dress! Check out the fullness of the skirt on this little polka dot number. Dress from vintage H&M Sandals from Lucky Brand Pork pie hat from Urban Outfitters Pearls from Byward boutiqu

School Daze: A Love Story

Today, I am proud yet humbled to share photos from the engagement shoot of two close friends. It's a love story that I'm sure many love stories aspire to be, and I'm touched that I was allowed to try my hand at telling it through photography. throwback to those high school days meeting through music  "what?? engaged??" "what do you mean you're engaged!" "Mako is a proper lady..." "...and needs a proposal too!" "okay we're good :)" happy family time! enjoying every moment together Thank you Elaine and Ollie for letting me tell your story! It's been incredible watching you guys grow together for over a decade! I'm so grateful for our meeting in the hallowed halls of MAC and our solid friendship over many beebeeteas, band practices, and a handful of Anime Norths :') Cheers to you guys and the many more years of happiness to com