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Magical Merrymaking

Tomorrow is the first day of December and you know what that means! Christmas season will officially begin :) although judging by the decorations in many stores, you would've thought it had started immediately following Halloween! I love the winter holidays, especially Christmas traditions.  Decorating the tree, drinking hot chocolate, snuggling by the's just such a magical time where everything is cheery and festive and bright. Last year, I bought my very own Christmas tree and had an absolute blast decorating it.  We had two sets of red and gold ornaments but the rest were a random mix of stuff we picked up second hand from garage sales.  I couldn't stop admiring those ornaments and how delicate and intricate some of them were. If it were up to me, no ornament would be the same -- they'd all be unique, like snowflakes. Part of the motivation for wanting a tree was because Secret Santa exchange was being held at my house and I really w

Shadow Stripes on Silk

Happy Halloween everyone!  As a kid, I loved Halloween because hey, free candy.  Now that I'm an adult, I love the days right after Halloween...because all the candy goes on sale :P vintage secretary I love love love this Diane von Furstenberg dress, when I saw it, I knew I had to have it.  The 100% silk construction feels amazing and the self-tie bow and long cuffs all contribute to a super vintage vibe.  At the same time though, I think this is timeless enough look that I would still wear it to work.  Basically, emotional me + practical me are both happy with this purchase :) diligently taking notes Apologies as my costume this year isn't very Halloween-y.  Clearly, I cheated a little bit by using my vintage shoot to double as my Halloween get-up.  But typewriters can be scary too! OooOooOOOoooo it's a typo oh nooooooo how will I fix it dun dun DUNNNN But in all seriousness, it must've been quite frustrating back in the day typing on t

Cats & Cameras

Sharing a photo set featuring two of my loves today :) So excited with my case of treasures! I picked up this vintage suitcase from the 613 flea market in August, just when I had pretty much  given up on finding the perfect one.  All the others I had seen looked fine from the outside, but were stained or ripped on the inside.  And hey, it's what's one the inside that really counts, right? :P Vintage suitcase smells interesting? Rocky is intrigued close-up of  my film camera collection I started my collection rather unintentionally.  I was at Value Village a couple months ago in Kingston when I saw the Keystone Everflash (pictured below at the top of the pyramid) and marveled at the pristine condition it was in.  Price tag: $7.99   Sold!  I thought, and happily contemplated venturing into the world of film photography.  At the very least, it would make a cool prop in a vintage shoot, right?  At under ten bucks, I wasn't going to pass it up. There wa

Almost Kennedy @ Avant-Garde

Hi guys! Super quick post sharing some photos from a gig I shot a little while back. Yes, I am indeed shooting other things in addition to the monthly vintage series!  Finding the time to shoot is honestly not the hard part -- it's trying to keep up with the editing/posting takes me a while :( But I'm slowly making progress and this is proof of that! More photos to come soon, I promise :) And without further ado: Almost Kennedy! A local Ottawa indie/alternative rock band and they're pretty darn amazing. I had lots of fun jamming out to their original music while shooting this performance! This performance was at Avant-Garde Bar, and typical of a bar setting, it was not very well lit.  I briefly contemplated shooting with flash but ultimately decided against it.  Instead, I went for a darker, grunge-y style which I thought better reflected the band's sound as well as my own musical tastes. If you're interested in local bands

Corndogs & Cotton Candy

Wasn't it just last week that had temperatures in the 30s and now tomorrow is the first day of September?  Summer seems to have, once again, gone by much too quickly :( Still, I'm glad that at the very least I got to cram in some traditional summer activities, including going to the Canadian National Exhibition (CNE), also known as the EX. The moment I arrived, I knew right away what I wanted. omnom OMNOMNOM I really wanted more photos to show the diminishing cotton candy but the funny thing is that it didn't really last past those two photos.  A little bit on my outfit for the day: I was going for an eighties vibe, with the high-waisted shorts and tennis-style sneakers.  For reference, in addition to my usual Google image search, I also flipped through old photos of my parents (teehee).  I thought it was funny how awkward they looked in their younger years and so all my poses this batch are of me standing around awkwardly.  If you're wondering how