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Almost Kennedy @ Avant-Garde

Hi guys! Super quick post sharing some photos from a gig I shot a little while back.
Yes, I am indeed shooting other things in addition to the monthly vintage series!  Finding the time to shoot is honestly not the hard part -- it's trying to keep up with the editing/posting takes me a while :(
But I'm slowly making progress and this is proof of that! More photos to come soon, I promise :)

And without further ado: Almost Kennedy! A local Ottawa indie/alternative rock band and they're pretty darn amazing.

I had lots of fun jamming out to their original music while shooting this performance!

This performance was at Avant-Garde Bar, and typical of a bar setting, it was not very well lit.  I briefly contemplated shooting with flash but ultimately decided against it.  Instead, I went for a darker, grunge-y style which I thought better reflected the band's sound as well as my own musical tastes.

If you're interested in local bands or awesome music, definitely pop over to their Facebook page and check them out!