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The Other Side: Throwback to Summer

If you couldn't tell from my this post and my last one, I'm in complete denial that summer is over. This summer was exciting for multiple reasons: 1) I started the blog in May so I was eager to plan a lot of summer shoots, 2) I started working so I had some pocket money to blow on cute summer clothes, and 3)  come on man, it's summer! whooohoooo school's out (in my case, for good ! haha) I haven't done a ' The Other Side ' post in a while so I thought it'd be a good time now, while I'm being forced into this colder weather, to reminisce of happier, warmer times. May: Distillery District Little green door I asked my dad to take this photo for me (multiple tries, just to get the shot I wanted) but unfortunately, while it's exactly what I had in mind, it's slightly blurry.  Dad refuses to wear his glasses (except when reading) and my legs were killing me from trying to maintain that squatting position.  So this is what I ended up with

TBT: Summertime Sadness - Royal Botanical Gardens

Hi everyone! Day 4 in the new city and it is getting chillier each day... Regret not packing more sweaters and super regret forgetting my gloves back home.  This increasingly autumn-y weather seems to justify making today's post a throwback Thursday, back to the last trip of the summer.  It was another multi-family excursion but just a day trip this time.  We hit up Royal Botanical Gardens as well as the City of Waterfalls (Google it and be surprised, it's not Niagara).  I dressed very comfy, ready to run and jump and climb and crawl, getting all up in nature's face.  Hope you enjoy the photos! Starting off with my favourite shot of the trip If you haven't been to Royal Botanical Gardens before, I strongly suggest not doing what we did, which is just show up.  We knew nothing about the place beforehand, which is why the weekend when we went, not only was it past bloom for many of the flowers, a couple of the gardens were actually closed (that was another

Beauty in Motion - Pt 2

I know it's not really "tomorrow" relative to my last post but I've been so tired lately (I know, more excuses :( I'm sorry!)  I've been going through a lot of stuff, including packing for an upcoming move (more on this later!) Without further delay, here are the second set of photos from the dance rehearsal. Below: the super passionate and kawaii Yui from Japan! Cute when resting Passionate when dancing Thanks for reading!

Beauty in Motion

Quick note : this post was supposed to have more photos but editing took waaay too long so a part 2 featuring a different dancer will be posted tomorrow! Hello everyone!  I know I seem to have been slowing down as of late, the last couple of posts more than a few weeks apart.  Today's post goes a bit into the reason behind my infrequency -- namely, an after-work activity that is taking up what I used to use as photo + blogging time. BALLET Beautiful, artistic, lean, limber, elegant, technical So much respect for ballet dancers - some real intense stuff! I'll have to admit, despite growing up a tomboy, I still had moments where I wanted to be a ballerina.  But don't get the wrong idea here.  I'm no dancer.  I've just been recruited to attempt to move my limbs in a semi-rhythmic fashion, mostly swaying in a group in the background while a singer takes the spotlight.  No biggie, really.  But I figured it'd be a great way to exercise and make friends (as