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The Other Side: Throwback to Summer

If you couldn't tell from my this post and my last one, I'm in complete denial that summer is over.
This summer was exciting for multiple reasons: 1) I started the blog in May so I was eager to plan a lot of summer shoots, 2) I started working so I had some pocket money to blow on cute summer clothes, and 3) come on man, it's summer! whooohoooo school's out (in my case, for good! haha)

I haven't done a 'The Other Side' post in a while so I thought it'd be a good time now, while I'm being forced into this colder weather, to reminisce of happier, warmer times.

May: Distillery District

Little green door
I asked my dad to take this photo for me (multiple tries, just to get the shot I wanted) but unfortunately, while it's exactly what I had in mind, it's slightly blurry.  Dad refuses to wear his glasses (except when reading) and my legs were killing me from trying to maintain that squatting position.  So this is what I ended up with, which is fine as long as you don't try to CSI-zoom-enhance on it :P

June: Kingston Mills, Bike Trail, Urban Safari

Couldn't resist taking more photos on my cellphone 
Similar problem in the above photo, I asked my mom to recreate this shot for me after taking one of her first, but she ended focusing on the tiny little people in the background.  This was the only one where the camera actually focused on me.  But my own focus evidently doesn't last that long either...

Easy breezy kimono and shorts
I hadn't gone biking in so long so when the chance came, I knew I wanted my kimono billowing behind me like a cape.  Was a lot of fun but the uphills and mosquito bites...not as much.  Should've learned the lesson here to always pack Off! but that's a lesson I will have to repeat throughout the summer...

Safari outfit?
This summer I succumbed to the pressure of "trending fashion" and bought and wore things I never thought I would, including crop tops and pink shorts (first and third picture), and these Aladdin/Princess Jasmine-style soft pants.  I honestly lived in jeans/t-shirt/sweatpants for the majority of my life so I was pretty proud of myself for stepping out of my comfort zone.  Gotta admit though, these pants are awfully comfy and can be dressed up with heels for business casual workplaces.

July: Bruce Peninsula

If you can remember, from the first Bruce Peninsula post, Anita wore a white dress in the last photo.  That's because we intentionally coordinated our outfits (yay matching!)  I loved the photos the photography association took of us together so I think I'll be going back on my word of only posting my own photos on this blog (but just this one time).  Here is a link to their site if you wanna check out more of their photos.

Love this photo!

That perfectly timed boat
Matching nautical stripes!
Ducks are friends...and sometimes food

These summer months I felt so creative, with shapes and colours and textures swirling around in my head that I felt compelled to create very specific shots to capture these ideas.  Now, I don't know if I'm just stuck or tired or busy, but I love autumn and all it's colours too so I will definitely try to get some seasonally-appropriate photos for the next post.  Cheers and thanks for reading!