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Beauty in Motion

Quick note: this post was supposed to have more photos but editing took waaay too long so a part 2 featuring a different dancer will be posted tomorrow!

Hello everyone!  I know I seem to have been slowing down as of late, the last couple of posts more than a few weeks apart.  Today's post goes a bit into the reason behind my infrequency -- namely, an after-work activity that is taking up what I used to use as photo + blogging time.

Beautiful, artistic, lean, limber, elegant, technical

So much respect for ballet dancers - some real intense stuff!

I'll have to admit, despite growing up a tomboy, I still had moments where I wanted to be a ballerina.  But don't get the wrong idea here.  I'm no dancer.  I've just been recruited to attempt to move my limbs in a semi-rhythmic fashion, mostly swaying in a group in the background while a singer takes the spotlight.  No biggie, really.  But I figured it'd be a great way to exercise and make friends (as well as sneak my camera in to shoot some of the pros, as pictured above and below).

Seeing double
To be perfectly honest, I'm not too happy with these set of photos, as the background is far from ideal.  During editing, I tried to make it less conspicuous so we can focus on the beautiful and talented dancers instead of the weird stringy lights above the stage (probably shouldn't have pointed them out...forget I said anything!).  Either way, I felt obligated to provide some photographic evidence of what's been keeping me preoccupied.  I'll have to try arrange an actual photoshoot someday, but for now, hope you enjoy these photos!

In this post: the talented twin ballerinas Melissa and Stephanie.

Thanks for reading!