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February on the West Coast

I don't usually travel for work so when the opportunity arises to go somewhere new, it's still fresh and exciting to me. However, I quickly realized that it wasn't as glamourous as I had anticipated.

I was actually really looking forward to seeing Vancouver again -- specifically, the beautiful scenery and delicious foods -- but in reality, I only to see the office and my hotel room (not that those weren't nice in their own way). On Friday, I managed to squeeze out two hours until my train down to Seattle and I was determined to make the most of it. So I picked up my luggage and trekked out into the signature west coast rain.

I found myself alternating a lot between my phone and camera, partly due to the fear of rain getting on my camera, but also feeling the need for a wider lens for the architecture shots. It's really amazing how good phone cameras are getting nowadays and it's a good reminder for me to stay grounded to the photography and not get caught up i…
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January in Japan: 2019 Travel Diary & 2018 Review

Normally, the first month of the new year blows by in the blink of an eye, but this month, I've been counting every single day.

I have to admit, it's a significant year in my life. Young me always looked forward to 2019 as I thought I would at last be of the ideal age: established enough to have a comfortable lifestyle and yet still have a fair bit of that youthful wild side. Now that I'm here, I have to say, I was right, but also way off. There are things I expected to have (e.g. my own place) but also didn't think of at all (e.g. two little furbabies). It's funny how it feels like I made it here and yet "here" is some weird abstract concept that just doesn't feel real.

Each day of this month has been counted for because I have high hopes and concrete goals for this year. This is my 4th year doing a year-long photography project and originally, my idea was to try to focus on pet photography. However, nearing the end of last year, and looking at all …

Hot Chocolate & Holiday Casual

Happy happy holidays and happy winter solstice! It's last day in the office for me as we'll be driving home to Toronto for the holidays so I'm very excited. Lots of folks were complaining about the shortest day of the year but to me, it means that it's all uphill from here :) It'll be summer again before we know it!

There's still a lot I have to do before we drive off into the sunset, including packing up the kitties for the trip and getting the apartment in decent shape so we don't come back and start the new year in a messy place. Plus, I wanted to get this post out before I leave as well so I can take my holiday photos when I'm home without worrying about getting these done.

For the product shoot, it's a pretty simple concept but I really wanted to feature my favourite mugs. I love the shape and the cute blue dots, and they're handmade in Poland! 

Both mugs and these flower props were also found at the thrift store! I really lucked out findi…

Movember & Menswear

I can't believe that tomorrow will be December! Where has the month year gone?? I'm equal parts stunned and excited because I love the winter holiday season. One of my favourite things to do is holiday shopping. A lot of folks get stressed out by holiday shopping but I really enjoy it! The malls are all decorated and festive and I treat it as a treasure hunt finding meaningful and fun gifts for my loved ones.

In the spirit of Movember (awareness month of men's health and moustaches) and to help prepare for the gift shopping ahead, I've put together some gift ideas for men as my product shoot for this month.

If these shoes look familiar, they are indeed my vintage Batas featured in previous outfits here and here. Both the shoes and gloves pictured are actually mine/women's and not Nick's/men's because Nick's shoes are too big to fit in frame. And this matters because my photo shoot set is super ghetto -- see setup photo below:

The black wood surface is …