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Mexican Holiday and 2019 Review

So I started this post in late November as a simple recap of a trip to Mexico, then it took a turn in late December when I decided to combine it with a year-in-review. It is now May. This post has been really hard and I struggled throughout with trying to articulate my thoughts and feelings in a way that doesn't come across as overly mopey or whiny. I try to keep things positive here but this issue has been clearly impacted all areas of my life, including blogging and photography, so here goes nothing my best shot.

According to the Internet, 2019 was a rough year for everybody (in a whole different way give how 2020 is going so far). During my year-end "highlight/lowlight" review with friends, my mind was still preoccupied by a recent car accident I was in earlier that week. They all sympathetically agreed that was an understandable lowlight and a rough way to end the year. But when the party was over and I was working on this post, it suddenly occurred to me what was th…
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2019 Fall Fashion: Transitional Pieces

I say this practically every year but fall is really my favourite fashion season. I love all the seemingly endless possibilities that come with layering and being able to play with different textures and materials. Oh, and all the rich colours! There's so many fun ways to pair fall tones.

Unfortunately, fall in Ottawa can be cut short by a cold front that takes us pretty much directly into winter. As much as I enjoy certain fall favourites (like light coats and leather jackets), it's really important to have solid transitional pieces that work well across both seasons so you can get more wear out of your items.

Fall favourite: Vintage denim
There's something so casual and chic about the washes and cuts in vintage denim that goes so well with the fall colours. A lot of blue denim or even black denim can look too saturated and harsh so I think that's where the softer washes of vintage denim come in. I found this pair of Levis at the thrift store and could not be happier …

September back in Toronto

You know how when you live in a place you don't really go out to explore because you live there and those touristy things are for tourists? That's the way it was for me growing up in Toronto. Aside from someone else visiting and me tagging a long, there's a lot I still haven't seen.

I moved to Ottawa five years ago as of this September (I talked more on the differences between Toronto and Ottawa in this post) and for a long time it still felt like Toronto was home. When I first made the move to Ottawa, back in 2014, I was heading back to Toronto practically every week. In the last year, I've tried to head back at least once a month but sometimes even less if it's inconvenient because daily life is in Ottawa now.

When I do go back to Toronto nowadays, it's a totally different experience. It's a rather peculiar feeling like I don't recognize certain things but I know where I am. For example I still know all the streets but maybe a restaurant or store…

August in New York State

Another summer has come and gone, too quickly as always! Seems like I just packed away my sweaters and pulled out my sundresses, and now it's already time to switcharoo right back.

Still, I'm super grateful for all the adventures I got to squeeze into this short few months chasing sunshine and waterfalls.

When I first started this blog 5 years ago, I had an early post with one of my first ever waterfall shots (link here) and where I talk about my struggles in shooting landscape photography. Reflecting back to those beginning days, I do feel like I've made some strides in my landscape photography in these few years.

But something was off and I didn't immediately know what it was. I still gave it my all when taking these shots, but I knew it wasn't the same feeling as when I do a portrait or product or food shoot. I mulled it over the entire trip as we spent multiple consecutive days chasing numerous different waterfalls.

These two serendipitous shots during/after t…

2019 Summer Fashion: Stranger Summer

I hope everyone is having a great summer because I sure am! It's honestly such a short season compared to the long long winter here so I'm determined to get the most out of it. I had started on the content for this post in July and put off posting because thought I'd shoot more outfits by now but it's really been a whirlwind of activities and I now have a bunch of other photos I'll want to get to so here we (finally) go!

I haven't shopped much from American Eagle in a few years now but totally fell for the pom-poms on this playsuit! Summer is such a fun time to be running around in playsuits and rompers -- they're easy to wear (like a dress) but with all the freedom and coverage of shorts! Truly the best of both worlds.
Disclaimer: as cute as the Aldo sandals were and as much as I wanted them to work out, they were not real leather and fell apart in 2 weeks. Luckily I got a refund but it reminded me that quality materials matter.

From my last post, I've…