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2019 Fall Fashion: Transitional Pieces

I say this practically every year but fall is really my favourite fashion season. I love all the seemingly endless possibilities that come with layering and being able to play with different textures and materials. Oh, and all the rich colours! There's so many fun ways to pair fall tones. Unfortunately, fall in Ottawa can be cut short by a cold front that takes us pretty much directly into winter. As much as I enjoy certain fall favourites (like light coats and leather jackets), it's really important to have solid transitional pieces that work well across both seasons so you can get more wear out of your items. Vintage camel coat (borrowed from mom) Forever21/H&M chunky scarf (borrowed from mom) Lilac cashmere sweater from Babaton Vintage Levis (thrifted) BP booties from Nordstrom Fall favourite: Vintage denim There's something so casual and chic about the washes and cuts in vintage denim that goes so well with the fall colours. A lot of blue denim or ev