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Corndogs & Cotton Candy

Wasn't it just last week that had temperatures in the 30s and now tomorrow is the first day of September?  Summer seems to have, once again, gone by much too quickly :( Still, I'm glad that at the very least I got to cram in some traditional summer activities, including going to the Canadian National Exhibition (CNE), also known as the EX. The moment I arrived, I knew right away what I wanted. omnom OMNOMNOM I really wanted more photos to show the diminishing cotton candy but the funny thing is that it didn't really last past those two photos.  A little bit on my outfit for the day: I was going for an eighties vibe, with the high-waisted shorts and tennis-style sneakers.  For reference, in addition to my usual Google image search, I also flipped through old photos of my parents (teehee).  I thought it was funny how awkward they looked in their younger years and so all my poses this batch are of me standing around awkwardly.  If you're wondering how

Sunflower fields

Happy Sunday! Super excited to share these photos today :) I've always wanted to go visit the sunflowers fields.  I've never seen them in real life and missed it last year.  Luckily for me, this weekend was the perfect time -- and the weather was so cooperative! Sunny with blue skies and fluffy white clouds, could not have asked for anything better. <3 I've always enjoyed sunflowers and even bought some plastic ones to brighten up my apartment year round.  They're so warm and energizing, and never fail to make me smile :) If you're wondering about my country milk-maid outfit, the dress is called a dirndl and I picked it up at one of Ottawa's vintage clothing shows.  It was made in Austria and I love the tiny print, full skirt, and whimsical vibe.  My belt is a staple in my rotation (also real vintage -- my mom's back when she was my age!) and the white top was a steal from Zara's current seasonal sale. Hope you

Baby Blue

It's a long weekend here in Ontario, and for most people that means an extra day to relax. Not me unfortunately :( Long weekends are always crazy busy for me.  Whether I'm running back to Toronto or just running around aimlessly, the weekend is almost more tiring than the work week. On top of everything, I just moved to a new apartment and oh man.  U-Haul rentals, multiple trips to IKEA...and oh yes.  The only thing worse than packing is unpacking :( So apologies for the slight delay in July's post! In my defense, long weekend Monday = Regular weekend Sunday, no? Baaaasically I forgot what date it was.  Meep. guilty face Isn't this baby blue Oldsmobile super awesometastic though?  It's a display fixture outside an autoshop, just around the corner from the U-Haul/IKEA (which is how I discovered it!) Thanks for reading! Apologies for the lack of writing in this post but uh. Back to unpacking for me... Hope you