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Pinup Pt. 2 - Vintage Valentine

Happy Valentine's Day! So excited to share this batch of photos with you guys!  As you can see from the title, not only is this February's post of my 2016 Vintage, but the sequel to my first pinup photoshoot from last summer.  I love the glamourous look of old-school vintage pinup photos and wanted to try my best to emulate the same feel.  To be perfectly honest, it wasn't easy getting into the right headspace at first but I'm pretty happy with how these photos turned out. Mirror mirror oh lipstick, you so funny :) earrings are a must! Bit of backstory, I was a tomboy as a kid-teenager, very stereotypically hating dresses and anything pink.  I had Barbies but they all "accidentally" lost their heads.  When I turned 19, my mom joked that she had a son for 18 years and now finally has a daughter.  I wanted to be tough and strong and those words to me were the exact opposite of "girly" and "feminine".  It'