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Sweater Weather with Haikang

Forget the Autumn Equinox or Thanksgiving, for me, it's not really fall until the leaves change colour and you bust out the cozy sweaters!  For October's fashion post, Haikang and I drove out to York Regional Forest to try to get some fall colours in our shoot.

Oh yes, Princess Maycee joined us too! Adding that Golden Retriever glow to add to the yellow leaves :) I went for a "Fall Catalog" style for the actual fashion shots so scroll on down to take a look!

Q: What are some of your favourite pieces for fall?
My favourite fall attire has to be sweaters (all types!) I am personally a big fan of wool sweaters from Club Monaco and I own quite a few of them. Pairing wise, I love to pair sweaters with business casual blazers as they are usually appropriate for most occasions.

Q: What do you look for when choosing fall pieces?
I am a big fan of slimmer fitting garments especially with my jeans and outerwear. In terms of length, I like my tops to be of the shorter length (mig…

Family Photoshoot and MosaiCanada

Something different for today's blogpost! I've shared family photos on here before, but they've always been of my own family :P

A little while back, I tagged along to Nick's photoshoot with his coworker and her family. They send an album each Christmas overseas to their relatives, which I think is a super sweet idea!

Another family with their little girl in the background, perplexed at the multiple cameras going off in their direction!

It was a beautiful sunny day at the Canadian Museum of History.

We were only shooting outside but the family brought along many toys as fun props. If you couldn't tell already by his Thomas the Tank tee shirt, David loves trains.

There were also some cool cars parked on display outside the museum! Trading in toy trains for real cars?

Also love this last one of his little sassy grin!

Did I mention that David loves trains? Lucky for us, there was a huge one just a few blocks away at MosaiCanada. Unlucky for me, my camera battery was dy…

Lights Festival at Carleton Place

Couple weekends ago, Nick and I went on a double date with our friends Joanna and Alex to the Lights Festival. The event was held in town of Carleton Place, which really confused me because I thought the event venue was just called "Carleton Place" -- oops!

Despite being late September, the heatwave was hitting us full force! Jo dressed for the heat in some of her new threads from our latest shopping trips, so we had a mini-photo shoot by the water.  Loving her Spanish dancer vibes from the red floral skirt!

We spent an hour or so walking around, Carleton Place is super cute brimming with small town vibes. Many locals have sweet rides but this one really takes the cake!

Eventually we headed out to the event venue. Traffic was awful as it was a one-lane road to the venue. We got there "late" in the sense that the overall event had started, but they had a band come out to perform and lots of cringe-worthy MC-ing. I wasn't too pleased with the build-up or organiz…