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Family Photoshoot and MosaiCanada

Something different for today's blogpost! I've shared family photos on here before, but they've always been of my own family :P

A little while back, I tagged along to Nick's photoshoot with his coworker and her family. They send an album each Christmas overseas to their relatives, which I think is a super sweet idea!

One of my favourite shots of David playing by the fountain! 
Another family with their little girl in the background, perplexed at the multiple cameras going off in their direction!

It was a beautiful sunny day at the Canadian Museum of History.

"You can't catch me!"

We were only shooting outside but the family brought along many toys as fun props. If you couldn't tell already by his Thomas the Tank tee shirt, David loves trains.

A happy family plays together :)

There were also some cool cars parked on display outside the museum! Trading in toy trains for real cars?

Also love this last one of his little sassy grin!

Did I mention that David loves trains? Lucky for us, there was a huge one just a few blocks away at MosaiCanada. Unlucky for me, my camera battery was dying and I couldnt get many good shots :(

However, Nick and I didn't have any plans the day after so we went back :) perks of dating a photographer! <3

MosaiCanada was free admission and open from June 30th until just this past weekend so I hope you got a chance to go! Including some of my favourite sculptures below:

what does the fox say? "Mama!"


Incredibly realistic bison in fields of yellow flowers

flower close up!

Tribute to Chinese-Canadian relations

another close up!
In addition to the intricately detailed sculptures, I really appreciated the attention to the the kind of flower chosen, so everything looks good from both close up and far away.

The masterpiece of the whole exhibit was a piece called "Mother Earth", a giant woman's head and arms surrounded by animals and even a waterfall coming out of one palm.

Don't worry if you missed MosaiCanada, there's lots of cool things in Ottawa this year for Canada's 150 -- be sure to keep an eye out for more to come!
Hope you enjoyed these photos! Thanks for reading :)