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Lavender fields & Model Mama

About a month ago, before I was to leave for my trip to China, I had a mini-vacation with my family in Prince Edward Country, which is about an hour west of Kingston.  We planned to visit the aromatic lavender fields, but ran into a sailing team practice on the way, so of course we had to pull over and take photos.

The weather was pretty great, not too hot, but the sky could’ve been more blue and less grey.  We actually missed the prime week for lavender, which was the week before, but it was still very nice and less of a crowd (which I prefer).

Lavender was definitely tricky to photograph, and I wasn't as prepared as I thought for how low it was and how much squatting was required.  There was no shade which resulted in me trying some lame DIY filtering by putting my sunglasses in front of my lens and ended up with this funky effect.  Maybe I should just print it out as an actual photo and pretend it's vintage :P

Considering we spent maybe 20-30 minutes tops at the fields, we …