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National Gallery of Canada

As part of one of my 2015 new year's resolutions, I visited the National Gallery of Canada.
John had come to visit and mentioned that the gallery as well as other museums in Ottawa were free on Thursdays after 5pm.

I was especially excited once I heard they had coat check, as it's been so dreadfully cold lately, I haven't been able to dress nicely without having to cover it up with many many layers.

I was pretty torn between wanting photos of my outfit as well as hogging the camera to capture all my favourite pieces of art.

We started with Contemporary Art, which was a lot of fun.  Sometimes (a lot of the times) I didn't really know what I was looking at. And I’m not going to pretend to be super-cultured and knowledgeable about art or art history, but I knew that looking at different pieces invoked different emotions, and those that made me feel strongly were the ones that I gravitated towards.
This one, for example, made me really dizzy.
I know I sounded like a child …