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National Gallery of Canada

As part of one of my 2015 new year's resolutions, I visited the National Gallery of Canada. John had come to visit and mentioned that the gallery as well as other museums in Ottawa were free on Thursdays after 5pm. I was especially excited once I heard they had coat check, as it's been so dreadfully cold lately, I haven't been able to dress nicely without having to cover it up with many many layers. Staring seriously at some serious art I was pretty torn between wanting photos of my outfit as well as hogging the camera to capture all my favourite pieces of art. why not have both? surrounded by art We started with Contemporary Art, which was a lot of fun.  Sometimes (a lot of the times) I didn't really know what I was looking at. And I’m not going to pretend to be super-cultured and knowledgeable about art or art history, but I knew that looking at different pieces invoked different emotions, and those that made me feel strongly were the ones that I