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July at Small Town Festivals

I can't believe tomorrow will be the first day of August!! Summer comes and goes so quickly, the FOMO can really get to you. There's all this pressure take summer vacation but that became less attainable after joining the working world.

One trick I've found to compensate for lack of major vacation plans is to take mini weekend trips. I feel really fortunate to live in Ontario because I've discovered lots of cute destinations even just between Ottawa and Toronto!

Starting off with Perth, a town about an hour out from Ottawa. I've visited Perth before (once with my family over Thanksgiving and once again with Nick for a picnic) but both those previous times we really only went to see Stewart Park. This time however, we also made a point to walk around and explore more of what the town has to offer.

Although to be fair, Stewart Park is a huge attraction in Perth and if we're being honest, the Stewart Park Festival is what prompted us to visit again this time arou…

Juin à Montréal

I've heard too many times now the age-old crack about Ottawa and how the only good thing about it is its proximity to Montreal. Now that Ottawa has earned a special appreciation in my heart, I'm a bit tired of the joke. Still, I am thankful at the convenience to Montreal, which I've visited and revisited time and time again.

Earlier this month, I got to go again on two separate occasions and was pleasantly surprised once more. It seems like there's never a shortage of something to see, and even places I've been to before will take on new meaning, show an alternate perspective.

Being in Montreal always makes me feel extra in tune with my creative side. The city's culture is like a giant incubator for creative energies and artistic types. Everywhere I turn, I'm blown away by the talents of fellow creatives.

I know it's super touristy but Old Port is still one of my favourite places to walk around in Montreal and to explore. There are many little alleys or…

2019 Spring Fashion: Pink & Purple

I've lamented in the past over how Ottawa doesn't have a real spring season and it jumps very suddenly from winter to summer, usually in May-June, right around the annual Tulip Festival. This year, however, we got some sort of pseudo-spring, with the frequent rainy days and fluctuating temperatures. The weather gods must be smirking down on me with their little practical joke but joke's on them because I was super motivated to come up with cute spring outfits! So here goes my very first Spring Fashion post, whoo-hoo!

The theme for the outfits below are two colours that I've had a longstanding struggle to wear: pink and purple. I've mentioned in previous blog posts that growing up a tomboy meant rejecting a lot of pink and purple, that even to this day, I'm finding it a challenge to incorporate both colours into my wardrobe. A lot of historical attempts have always felt a little bit like playing dress up, as opposed to actually utilizing pieces that were an int…