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May in the Capital

Exciting news, everyone! Earlier this week marked the 5 year anniversary of my blog **hooraaay!**
It also means I've been in Ottawa for almost just as long, as I moved to the capital a few short months afterwards. I've posted about my activities in Ottawa a couples times in the past but in this special "travel" post, I'll be sharing some newer photos as well as some others that I never got around to posting :) Starting off with some shots I took on a evening stroll by Dow's Lake.

Sometimes I genuinely forget how long I've been in Ottawa, notably whenever my Uber driver asks and I'm like, "oh I haven't been here that long, just since -- oh my god it's been like 5 years??"

I was talking to my parents a few weeks ago and they asked if I plan on staying in Ottawa forever and if I think it's better than Toronto. And honestly, I get asked this question a lot. Everyone wants me to PICK A SIDE but in reality, it's not that one is bet…

April in the Orient

April was a difficult month for both this year and last. Coming out of March being sick, feeling behind and scrambling trying to catch up and make up for lost time...struggling to get back in the groove of things, it just felt like there was never enough time to do it all. Even this blog post, in all its brevity, still didn't manage to make my self-imposed month-end deadline.

Meanwhile, last year in 2018, following the events of my last blog post, I had just left my hometown Chongqing and Wuhan and was about to embark on the second half of my China trip. I was really excited because I was about to visit cities that I've never been before and cities in China have so much variability from one to the next, it was almost as if you were visiting a totally different country each time. Of course, nearly right off the bat, I got incredibly sick. So sick in fact, when I went to take a painkiller, I put the bottle of meds I brought with me down on the ground and promptly left the whole …

March in the Homeland

Due to unexpected delays, this post is actually more timely now than originally planned. On this date exactly one year ago, I had just finished my visit to my birth city and parental hometowns. The photos from my trip sat on my hard drive for a whole year until I started writing this post.

My initial reaction at first review of the photos was the familiar sigh and groan at the sheer volume. I try not to be too trigger-happy when shooting but it's easy to lose track in this digital era. I did a quick scan and filtered out the ones I liked most. However, on my second pass, I felt this sinking feeling in my chest.

These were my first couple picks (that I still really like):

But the sinking feeling was this weird sort of delayed shame. There were historic reenactors at one of the historic sites but all the photos I picked were of actual people going about their daily lives. I felt disconnected, invasive and intrusive. I felt like I was one of those bad tourists -- you know, those priv…

February on the West Coast

I don't usually travel for work so when the opportunity arises to go somewhere new, it's still fresh and exciting to me. However, I quickly realized that it wasn't as glamourous as I had anticipated.

I was actually really looking forward to seeing Vancouver again -- specifically, the beautiful scenery and delicious foods -- but in reality, I only got to see the office and my hotel room (not that those weren't nice in their own way). On Friday, I managed to squeeze out two hours until my train down to Seattle and I was determined to make the most of it. So I picked up my luggage and trekked out into the signature west coast rain.

I found myself alternating a lot between my phone and camera, partly due to the fear of rain getting on my camera, but also feeling the need for a wider lens for the architecture shots. It's really amazing how good phone cameras are getting nowadays and it's a good reminder for me to stay grounded to the photography and not get caught …