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Peach & Lavender

From my last post , visiting the lavender farms really inspired me to appreciate the fruits and flowers currently in season. A quick google search for fruits in July turned up not only cherries and strawberries, but peaches! I've never been peach picking and unfortunately there aren't any farms nearby. However, I still wanted to take this post to pay tribute to the "fresh picks" of the month. basket full of peaches! mmm peach pie!  I couldn't find any real lavender on short notice but luckily Dollarama came through with their fake flowers section. And this way, they'll be reusable for future shoots as well! The props basket in my apartment continues growing haha! Peaches are also just from the grocery store but I just can't get over the super cute pie my friend Carlie made! Oh I helped too, I cut them peaches :3 (and possibly snacked on a few wedges that weren't pretty enough to make it into the pie hehe) Side note, fruit picking o

Quebec City & Lavender Fields

As per tradition, last weekend for Canada day, we packed up our bags and headed out of town. It's been a busy year so far, and the last two major trips we both took were super action-packed and tiring. We decided that for this trip, we were going to take it easy and relax and drive to Quebec City. We both have been before so there wouldn't be as much pressure to do a bunch of the touristy things. The only thing on our list was to each delicious French food. And boy did we! The Food Our first stop was Ophelia for a quick lunch. We each had clam chowder (not pictured), octopus carpaccio, and fish accras (fritters). Nick really enjoyed the carpaccio but it had olives in it (which I don't like) so I steered clear. The fish accras were very fluffy on the inside and the flavour was yummy too. I think we both liked the clam chowder best, they were quite generous with the clam. octopus carpaccio fish accras For dinner, we tried to go to L'Affaire Est Ketchup