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TBT: Philosophies

So apparently there's this thing called "Throwback Thursday" that's "trending" around the internet these days, so here goes my attempt at being "hip" and "keeping up with the times" (am I doing it right?  I'm cool, I swear.) From the inception of the idea to formally publicize a collection of my work, large portions of my time has been spent meticulously reviewing and editing photos, carefully picking just the right ones for my inaugural album.  I soon realized I didn't have enough recent photos that I liked and browsed through older albums to see if there was anything salvageable.  There were three that jumped out at me: Nava and his Colgate commercial worthy smile Amanda looking fabulous as usual My distant cousin Mary We're not actually related, it's a lame joke because we share a popular Chinese last name.  This photo is the oldest of the three; I took this back in senior year of high school

Shopping Shenanigans at UO and f21

A few days after the game, I made plans to head downtown to hang out with a couple of friends and shop around a bit.  Heading out the door, I made sure to pack my fully charged camera, hoping to get some good shots to add to my collection.  Many of us haven't seen each other in a while due to finals and such, so it was difficult to remember to take photos when we were busy catching up. Luckily for me, Patrick, our resident male model, tried on this smashing faux leather jacket at Forever21. Blue steel How could I not  take a photo?  Unfortunately, I was laughing too hard and so it did blur a bit.  Will have to work on maintaining professional composure in the future. The weather was deceptively sunny, with a chilly wind in the air.  I took the opportunity while waiting for the crosswalk light to change to snap these photos of Amanda and Alice, each showing off their personal style with their choice in outwear. Amanda looking like a celeb in her Coach trench and shade

Back in the game

About a month ago, I went to my first ever baseball game (go Blue Jays!)  It was a lot of fun and highly dramatic, but given my easily excitable nature, not very good for my health.  The stressful anticipation with each pitch and swing, it's really too much for me to bear!  And the closeness of the game that night -- just thinking about it is raising my blood pressure again, yeesh.  If I were a full-time sports fan, I would die 20 years earlier from all the stress for sure. Anyway, when we got there, it was around 7ish.  The sun was setting, giving way to these glowing shots of Amanda: Showing support for our home team with a Blue Jays tank :) Look at that glow! It was still a bit chilly in April this year so we were all in our leather jackets.  Here's one of John: Wearing a dress shirt to a sports game, typical. After I got home and looked through my camera, it was these photos that made me realize how long it's been since I took serious, non-selfie

First steps

The last time I had a blog was probably back in the 6th(?) grade, when xanga was so cool and everyone had one.  This one will be different for a very specific reason: photos.  The photos I post here will be of my very own (how exciting!)  In fact, I created this blog just to document my photography stories.  I recently uploaded my very first album onto Facebook (the same photos will be here in later posts), when I realized that I had a lot more to say about my photos than the little caption space would allow.  So here I am!  I have a history of being rather inconsistent with journal-keeping, but I'm hoping this entry is the first step towards a multitude of changes: new blog, new goals, new me (oh god, the cheesiness).  If you're reading this, thanks for joining me on my journey towards better photography!