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Back in the game

About a month ago, I went to my first ever baseball game (go Blue Jays!)  It was a lot of fun and highly dramatic, but given my easily excitable nature, not very good for my health.  The stressful anticipation with each pitch and swing, it's really too much for me to bear!  And the closeness of the game that night -- just thinking about it is raising my blood pressure again, yeesh.  If I were a full-time sports fan, I would die 20 years earlier from all the stress for sure.

Anyway, when we got there, it was around 7ish.  The sun was setting, giving way to these glowing shots of Amanda:

Showing support for our home team with a Blue Jays tank :)

Look at that glow!

It was still a bit chilly in April this year so we were all in our leather jackets.  Here's one of John:

Wearing a dress shirt to a sports game, typical.

After I got home and looked through my camera, it was these photos that made me realize how long it's been since I took serious, non-selfie photos! (I blame my phone camera, it's much too convenient for selfies)

And so I decided to get back into photography, starting with sneakily bringing my camera along to outings with friends, to planning specific photo shoots, to starting my very own blog!  It's been an exciting month so far and I can't wait to see where my journey will take me!

P.S. It's unlike me to post more than once a day, but I guess I'm just really excited about my shiny new blog :P