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2nd Annual UofT Korea Day

This past weekend I was invited back by my Korean professor to shoot the second annual University of Toronto Korea Day.  I was beyond touched that he had thought of me and excited to gain more experience shooting events. This year's event focused on the blending of traditional and contemporary Korean culture, starting with a classical segment featuring the multi-talented Ms Grace Lee and the Korean Canadian Symphony orchestra. Gayageum in traditional hanbok In preparation for the shoot, I flipped through some of my older albums and tried to get a sense of what I can do to improve.  The conclusion?  Bring a tripod and hog all the best angles.  I wish I had a photo of me and my giant Transformer-esque tripod, it was taller than me so I spent half the time on tippy-toes (which my currently sore calves can attest to). The second half of the event was a K-Pop competition, and I was both entertained and very happy to have all these talented individuals as the su

There's no place (that tastes) like home

Warming: this post may make you hungry After my last post on Ottawa , I realized that I never really did a post on Toronto. Since moving here, I've gone back about once a month --  three times so far.  I noticed that aside from my friends and family (which I miss very much of course), the second most-missed thing is definitely the food.  Naturally, it annoys my parents I'm not home for meals but honestly, after 4 weeks of not eating Toronto food, my To-Eat list is pretty long considering I'm only back for 2 days each time. First on the list is a pricier craving: I'm drooling right now, all over my keyboard This is the amaaaazing Golden Curry from Linda Modern Thai.  I first tried this during the Toronto Summerlicious event and literally went back the week after.  On top of the delicious golden curry sauce itself, the crispy beef is unbelievable - thin crispy outside and soft succulent inside.  Linda Modern Thai is a fancier restaurant so not so much an e

The Other Side: Fur Vest Pairings

Hi everyone!  This is my second attempt at doing a fashion post.  Thank you so much for the warm reception to my first try .  As I said, wine red is one of my favourite colours, so it's no surprise it appears again in today's post: H&M Wine Red Cardigan Zara Kids Fur Vest (see below for link) Banana Republic Waist Belt Club Monaco Pants Call It Spring Booties (see below for link) The fur vest is something I never thought I'd ever have in my wardrobe, but I'm trying to continue my summer goal of being more adventurous in terms of fashion.  With the colder weather, it's even more tempting to just cozy up in sweats all day.  Again, much like the mustard skirt , the courage to try something new came from one of my blogger-idols, Wendy's Lookbook . There are a lot of fur vest options in stores this season but this one caught my eye because of the shorter hairs (versus some fur items have extremely long hairs).  I also appreciated the lower price (

Exploring in the rain

So after being in Ottawa for a little over two months, I finally did some exploring around the city. I don't know why but I decided to go at night, and oh it was also raining.  I know, I'm brilliant. But it somehow still worked out, because I really like streetlamps and I think the buildings look cooler with shadows. it's like a bouquet Museum of Nature more streetlamps I also finally visited Parliament Hill.  My parents told me we went as a family when we got our citizenship way back when, but I don't remember it so it doesn't really count.  I was actually very awestruck and impressed by its grandeur.  If you've been to Parliament before, I strongly recommended visiting again at night.  There's a quiet peacefulness that's quite breathtaking.  Be sure to walk around too; my favourite section, which was the library, is hidden away at the back. library  I also visited the memorial, which seemed like appropriate timing consid

The Other Side: DIY Halloween Minion Costumes

Hello everyone!  This is a part 2 of the Halloween photoshoot focusing on the DIY aspect of the costumes (please excuse some cellphone photos).  When Bonnie and I were discussing our costumes plans, we decided I would be the one to put everything together since she's busy with school.  It was definitely a greater challenge to not only try to put together a quality-looking costume on a budget, but to have everything duplicated.  I definitely feel like I lucked out when it came to finding some of the pieces I needed. Here's the finished product again: From this picture we can pretty much see everything that I needed: 1, Denim overalls - from Guess 2. Yellow top - from Urban Planet 3. Black gloves - from Dollarama 4. Hard hat + eyes - from engineering program + Dollarama 5. Goggles - jar lids from Dollarama 6. Mini me Minion toy - from McDonald's The Minion toy was the easiest part because we already had those in our collection. Hooray for Minion toy

Photoshoot: Halloween Happenings

As promised in my last post, this one is jam-packed with photos of costumes!  Gonna jump right into it as there are a buttload of photos. I was part of a trio from Despicable Me as pictured below: The fear in our eyes is real My friend Bonnie and I love Despicable Me and Minions, evidenced by these McDonald toys we diligently collected (even though we got weird looks for still buying Happy Meals at our age): they're like Mini-Me's! We were talking about how it'd be hilariously adorable if I was the "tall Minion" and she was the "short Minion" (we have a height difference of ~10cm/4in).  Later research determined our exact characters to be Dave and Tim.  John has been delaying his haircut so we pegged him as "Purple Minion #2". the casting was truly inspired We started off shooting a bit at my place while we got ready for the party.  This shoot marks one of the very rare times that I actually used a legit tripod (versus