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The Other Side: DIY Halloween Minion Costumes

Hello everyone!  This is a part 2 of the Halloween photoshoot focusing on the DIY aspect of the costumes (please excuse some cellphone photos).  When Bonnie and I were discussing our costumes plans, we decided I would be the one to put everything together since she's busy with school.  It was definitely a greater challenge to not only try to put together a quality-looking costume on a budget, but to have everything duplicated.  I definitely feel like I lucked out when it came to finding some of the pieces I needed.

Here's the finished product again:

From this picture we can pretty much see everything that I needed:

1, Denim overalls - from Guess
2. Yellow top - from Urban Planet
3. Black gloves - from Dollarama
4. Hard hat + eyes - from engineering program + Dollarama
5. Goggles - jar lids from Dollarama
6. Mini me Minion toy - from McDonald's

The Minion toy was the easiest part because we already had those in our collection.

Hooray for Minion toys!
I knew I wanted to make goggles and saw an article about how jar lids would be perfect.  I went to the Dollarama in Ottawa and didn't find anything but these canning lids:

Finished product!
At first I tried to use a can-opener to cut out the center but that was a horrible failure.  Then I thought I'd try sticking paper eyes on them:

But how do I see??
But I quickly gave up because it wouldn't have been very practical to not be able to see.
I knew Toronto had some bigger Dollaramas so I asked John to pick these up for us:

Tim the Minion hiding in the background

They were $2 for 3 jars so we got 2 sets for all of us.  I used a glue gun to attach two lids together and an elastic headband to go around the back.  I hoped that after the party I could peel off the glue from the metal rims and I can use the lids for the jars again - and they actually did so whoo! Now I have cute little jars to store stuff.

The real genius kicked in when I thought that it would be a waste to not use the eyes I drew, so I told Bonnie to bring her engineering hardhat asked John to lend me his as well.  That worked out really well for us because the goggles honestly were too funny to wear for the whole night.

The gloves were also from Dollarama and I purposely got the thicker fuzzy ones versus the smooth ones because I thought they looked more "Minion-y".

The yellow shirt was a last minute purchase as I couldn't find any in Ottawa so I literally hit up the mall in Toronto the morning of the party.  I think the important thing for the shirt is that it needs to have sleeves or else it wouldn't really show under the overalls.

The most vital part of the Minion costume was the overalls.  I was actually just going to look for suspenders but I happened upon these at the Guess outlet when I went shopping the weekend before.  I honestly felt so lucky as they were really affordable and in our size, which sure beats spending the same $$$ on a suspenders that we would most likely never wear again.  Taped a black "G" for "Gru" onto the front pocket and we were good to go!

John's Purple Minion costume was a lot simpler: just a purple tee shirt + purple suspenders, the goggles, and the hair.  The hair was definitely the tricky part.  He used some hair gel to spike it up and then Bonnie sprayed him with the purple spray:

Over the tub to avoid making a mess
The hair did droop throughout the night, I think hairspray would've held better but we didn't have any on hand.

Hope you enjoyed this post!  It was my first time showing a more "behind-the-scenes" perspective.  I think when it comes to making a good costume, it's really about staying true to the feel of the character and paying attention to details.  I could've just been lazy and bought one in stores but there's definitely a sense of accomplishment when you make something yourself!  Plus, it's nice to end up with pieces that are re-wearable outside of Halloween (next year Bonnie and I are thinking of Mario + Luigi to reuse our overalls and continue our height-difference strategy :P)

trying to channel my inner Minion
Thanks for reading!