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Exploring in the rain

So after being in Ottawa for a little over two months, I finally did some exploring around the city.
I don't know why but I decided to go at night, and oh it was also raining.  I know, I'm brilliant.
But it somehow still worked out, because I really like streetlamps and I think the buildings look cooler with shadows.

it's like a bouquet

Museum of Nature

more streetlamps
I also finally visited Parliament Hill.  My parents told me we went as a family when we got our citizenship way back when, but I don't remember it so it doesn't really count.  I was actually very awestruck and impressed by its grandeur.  If you've been to Parliament before, I strongly recommended visiting again at night.  There's a quiet peacefulness that's quite breathtaking.  Be sure to walk around too; my favourite section, which was the library, is hidden away at the back.

 I also visited the memorial, which seemed like appropriate timing considering this week was Remembrance Day.

flowers and poster for the recent tragic events
To end this post on a more upbeat note, I tried a pretty popular restaurant this week as well.  El Camino is a Mexican place that boasts a line-up that starts half an hour before open and is not open on Mondays (which I found out the hard way).
It's a good vibe with great service and cool decor, like these masks

but most importantly, the food is amazing.

pork belly
I normally don't eat pork belly because I find it too fatty -- this is not your regular pork belly.  It is so soft and melts in your mouth and the mix of flavours is indescribable.
They have a variety of tacos that are the farthest thing from Taco Bell so prepare yourself for deliciousness.  El Camino also makes their own hot sauces in house, the pineapple cilantro one being a perfect mix of fresh, sweet, and spicy.

pork tacos (left) and crispy fish tacos (right)
But my absolute favourite was the trout tartare (which is not pictured because we ate it too fast, despite ordering a second helping).  I don't think I've ever had trout before but it was so melty and delicious I am honestly drooling as I type this out.

I don't think many non-locals would go as it's not directly in the tourist-y areas (it only took me 2 months to make it here) but it's located downtown on Elgin street.  If you ever visit Ottawa, make it a priority to go check it out, you'll probably find me there stuffing my face with more trout tartare.

Thanks for reading!