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Vintage Perfume Bottle & Velvet

I feel like I say this a lot (maybe too often?) but I am honestly so incredibly excited to share out the photos in this post. I've had this idea brewing in my brain for quite some time now but I delayed executing, partly due to logistics, but also a little bit out of fear that it wouldn't live up to the image I had built up in my mind. Still, when I headed back to Toronto for Chinese New Year and Family Day long weekend, all the pieces were finally together, there was no more room for excuses. Here's my little product shoot inspired by Valentine's day: vintage Frankel Mercel perfume bottle made in France When I saw the previews on the camera, I could barely contain my excitement. There was a little bit of editing but this is pretty much how they looked when I saw them for the first time. I really wish I could better articulate the amazing feeling when I finally got to see my idea become a reality. I feel like I'm doing a poor job of explainin