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September back in Toronto

You know how when you live in a place you don't really go out to explore because you live there and those touristy things are for tourists? That's the way it was for me growing up in Toronto. Aside from someone else visiting and me tagging a long, there's a lot I still haven't seen.  mix of old and new I moved to Ottawa five years ago as of this September (I talked more on the differences between Toronto and Ottawa in  this post ) and for a long time it still felt like Toronto was home. When I first made the move to Ottawa, back in 2014, I was heading back to Toronto practically every week. In the last year, I've tried to head back at least once a month but sometimes even less if it's inconvenient because daily life is in Ottawa now. When I do go back to Toronto nowadays, it's a totally different experience. It's a rather peculiar feeling like I don't recognize certain things but I know where I am. For example I still know all the