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Cats & Cameras

Sharing a photo set featuring two of my loves today :) So excited with my case of treasures! I picked up this vintage suitcase from the 613 flea market in August, just when I had pretty much  given up on finding the perfect one.  All the others I had seen looked fine from the outside, but were stained or ripped on the inside.  And hey, it's what's one the inside that really counts, right? :P Vintage suitcase smells interesting? Rocky is intrigued close-up of  my film camera collection I started my collection rather unintentionally.  I was at Value Village a couple months ago in Kingston when I saw the Keystone Everflash (pictured below at the top of the pyramid) and marveled at the pristine condition it was in.  Price tag: $7.99   Sold!  I thought, and happily contemplated venturing into the world of film photography.  At the very least, it would make a cool prop in a vintage shoot, right?  At under ten bucks, I wasn't going to pass it up. There wa

Almost Kennedy @ Avant-Garde

Hi guys! Super quick post sharing some photos from a gig I shot a little while back. Yes, I am indeed shooting other things in addition to the monthly vintage series!  Finding the time to shoot is honestly not the hard part -- it's trying to keep up with the editing/posting takes me a while :( But I'm slowly making progress and this is proof of that! More photos to come soon, I promise :) And without further ado: Almost Kennedy! A local Ottawa indie/alternative rock band and they're pretty darn amazing. I had lots of fun jamming out to their original music while shooting this performance! This performance was at Avant-Garde Bar, and typical of a bar setting, it was not very well lit.  I briefly contemplated shooting with flash but ultimately decided against it.  Instead, I went for a darker, grunge-y style which I thought better reflected the band's sound as well as my own musical tastes. If you're interested in local bands