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Birthday Brunch with Amanda

Don't let the recent rainy weather fool you -- it is summer!! There was even a heat wave warning a few weeks back (which was a little much) but the weather last weekend was absolutely perfect.

After a delicious (belated) birthday brunch with the girls, we wandered around downtown where I spotted the best backdrop for Amanda's first outfit (sleek and modern!), and afterwards, the hangout continued into a park for shooting outfit #2 and more girl talk.

I have to say off the bat that I love the two outfits Amanda picked for these shoots. They are so relateable and genuine, which is exactly what I wanted to showcase with this fashion project: the hidden (or not so hidden) fashionistas (and fashion-misters! Haikang, I didnt forget about you :P) that I feel so fortunate to know and be inspired by on a regular basis.

And so, without further ado:

Q: What do you like best about summer fashion?
A: I think I like the newness that comes along with summer fashion. What I love about summer f…

Belle & Blossoms

A couple weeks ago, when weather finally started taking a nicer turn, I wanted to wear one of my (many) new dresses.  The nicer weather did not go unnoticed by Nick either, and he suggested we visit the experimental farms by Dow's Lake after work for some photos.  Excitedly, I chose this vintage periwinkle blue number, but since I prefer not to be sleeveless at work, also layered a white blouse underneath.

Didn't realize my accidental cosplay until I showed up to the office and the teasing began.

Where's Toto?
Me: Hm?
Haha, he's saying you look like Dorothy!
Me: !!
I thought you look like Alice in Wonderland.
Me: (finally taking a good, hard look in the mirror) Okay, if anything, I look like Belle from Beauty and the Beast!
Ohh yeaaahhhh (cue more laughing and light teasing)

If I look the part, then I might as well embrace it right? Here's me trying my hardest to channel my inner Disney princess:

This outfit actually touches upon a concept that I've been toying wit…

Streets & Alleys

It seems I can't take a trip to Montreal without coming back with a huge batch of photos (my lame excuse for why these photos took so long to post). And it also seems that no matter how many times I go, I never run out of new things to shoot, even if I'm revisiting the same places again.

The streets of Montreal are just so picturesque, no matter where I turn, there always seems to be a new source of inspiration.

What's so great about just wandering the streets it that sometimes you stumble upon some hidden treasures. When I first walked past this alleyway, I literally had to do a double-take. The flags and lights were strung up so beautifully, it's really quite something to behold.

 The stairs at the back made for some cool architectural lines as well.

 In another alley, saw this vintage-y bike and some grunge-y looking pipes.

There was also a low-hanging fire escape which lead all the way up to the rooftop, so naturally we had to give it a shot.

As we were walking aro…