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Belle & Blossoms

A couple weeks ago, when weather finally started taking a nicer turn, I wanted to wear one of my (many) new dresses.  The nicer weather did not go unnoticed by Nick either, and he suggested we visit the experimental farms by Dow's Lake after work for some photos.  Excitedly, I chose this vintage periwinkle blue number, but since I prefer not to be sleeveless at work, also layered a white blouse underneath.

Didn't realize my accidental cosplay until I showed up to the office and the teasing began.

Where's Toto?
Me: Hm?
Haha, he's saying you look like Dorothy!
Me: !!
I thought you look like Alice in Wonderland.
Me: (finally taking a good, hard look in the mirror) Okay, if anything, I look like Belle from Beauty and the Beast!
Ohh yeaaahhhh (cue more laughing and light teasing)

Dress - Vintage find from Kingston VV
Blouse - Vintage find from Ottawa VV
Tote - Coach
 Cherry keychain - Kate Spade
Sandals - Vintage Aldo from Ottawa VV

If I look the part, then I might as well embrace it right? Here's me trying my hardest to channel my inner Disney princess:

Belle is all about books -- good thing I have my little notebook handy!
This outfit actually touches upon a concept that I've been toying with for a while now, sort of a "childhood inspirations" theme. Funny timing too, with the new Emma Watson remake! But who doesn't enjoy reminiscing over happy memories from their childhood :)

Watch - Victorinox
Notebook - Dollarama
It was an excellent time to visit the experimental farms, as many of the flowers were in bloom, including their cherry blossom trees! I had missed it last year as I was in Toronto that weekend (they don't bloom for very long) and was bummed about it all year. So glad we got to go this year!

My dream is to see the blossoms in Washington or even Japan! Not sure when but it'll happen one day!

Hope you enjoyed these photos! Thanks for reading :)