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2nd Annual UofT Korea Day

This past weekend I was invited back by my Korean professor to shoot the second annual University of Toronto Korea Day.  I was beyond touched that he had thought of me and excited to gain more experience shooting events.
This year's event focused on the blending of traditional and contemporary Korean culture, starting with a classical segment featuring the multi-talented Ms Grace Lee and the Korean Canadian Symphony orchestra.

Gayageum in traditional hanbok

In preparation for the shoot, I flipped through some of my older albums and tried to get a sense of what I can do to improve.  The conclusion?  Bring a tripod and hog all the best angles.  I wish I had a photo of me and my giant Transformer-esque tripod, it was taller than me so I spent half the time on tippy-toes (which my currently sore calves can attest to).

The second half of the event was a K-Pop competition, and I was both entertained and very happy to have all these talented individuals as the subjects of my photos.

I've picked some of my favourite shots for this post but I'm thinking of replacing the Instagram tab with a new one called Events, partly because I have a couple of events with photos that I haven't found a home for on my blog yet, and I'm also hoping to get to take more event photos in the future.  I hope you like these photos and thanks for reading!

Great job everyone!