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Peach & Lavender

From my last post, visiting the lavender farms really inspired me to appreciate the fruits and flowers currently in season. A quick google search for fruits in July turned up not only cherries and strawberries, but peaches! I've never been peach picking and unfortunately there aren't any farms nearby. However, I still wanted to take this post to pay tribute to the "fresh picks" of the month.

basket full of peaches!

mmm peach pie! 
I couldn't find any real lavender on short notice but luckily Dollarama came through with their fake flowers section. And this way, they'll be reusable for future shoots as well! The props basket in my apartment continues growing haha! Peaches are also just from the grocery store but I just can't get over the super cute pie my friend Carlie made! Oh I helped too, I cut them peaches :3 (and possibly snacked on a few wedges that weren't pretty enough to make it into the pie hehe)

Side note, fruit picking or flower cutting would be such a cute activity to do as a less conventional summer date idea, or even just bonding time with girlfriends. I definitely have it on my checklist for the rest of this summer!

For the outfit pairings, I took the lead from the shoot and focused in on the two colours, lavender and peach, and how they are both colours that I struggle wear. I actually have some pieces in those colours that haven't made it out of my closet yet! So for this month, I challenged myself to finally put some outfits together using those "hard to pair" pieces.

Outfit 1 (left): vintage purple sundress, Vince Camuto bow flats, H&M sunhat, vintage straw purse
Outfit 2 (right): Kate Spade silk top, vintage Alfred Sung silk skirt, Coach leather wedges  

Outfit 1: Monet's Lavender

When I first saw this lavender Monet-esque sundress months ago, I immediately wanted to put it on. It was a magical moment at the vintage flea market when it zipped up perfectly! I don't own a lot of purple shades in my wardrobe so I excited to add to my colour spectrum. However, I quickly realized why I don't have much purple: I have no idea how to wear it. After I brought this dress home and hung it up, I would literally take it out every day, look at it and sigh, and then put it back.

For the pairing, I went with a tonal/monochrome route with purple flats and a big sunhat with a purple polka-dot bow. Finishing off with a little straw purse to match the hat and I'm ready for a summer stroll with my honey!

Side note: I've seen a lot of photos where girls wear purple to go take photos with lavender -- don't do it! This outfit is better suited for peach picking than lavender picking, in my opinion. If you look at the lifestyle shoot, you can see that the reason why the peach and lavender look good together is because the contrasting colours complement each other. If the flowers are already purple, you don't need to be purple too (especially not head-to-toe!) Go for a sunny yellow or a clean white to stand out against the flowers.

Outfit 2: Peachy Pink

This silk top was a fabulous find at Winners. I was instantly drawn to the pointed peter pan collar which I adore, but peachy pink was definitely not a colour I have a lot of experience wearing. I tried to wear it out a couple times but I never felt it worked and always ended up wearing a jacket over to cover it up.

For this pairing, I took the opposite approach and loaded up on colour. I stayed in the same fabric family, keeping the whole outfit silky and light, but brought in the contrasting green in the skirt with some fun flowers (also love how the red flower matches the colour in the collar), and finished off with a sunny yellow shoe to similarly mirror the yellow flowers in the skirt. I'm making a little guilty face in the left because oh dear, I wonder if I broke (m)any fashion rules with this outfit -- but I'd like to think that as long as you enjoy it yourself and you feel good, that's what fashion is supposed to do for you!

Hope you enjoyed these photos, thanks for reading! :)