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Corndogs & Cotton Candy

Wasn't it just last week that had temperatures in the 30s and now tomorrow is the first day of September?  Summer seems to have, once again, gone by much too quickly :(
Still, I'm glad that at the very least I got to cram in some traditional summer activities, including going to the Canadian National Exhibition (CNE), also known as the EX.

The moment I arrived, I knew right away what I wanted.


I really wanted more photos to show the diminishing cotton candy but the funny thing is that it didn't really last past those two photos.  A little bit on my outfit for the day: I was going for an eighties vibe, with the high-waisted shorts and tennis-style sneakers.  For reference, in addition to my usual Google image search, I also flipped through old photos of my parents (teehee).  I thought it was funny how awkward they looked in their younger years and so all my poses this batch are of me standing around awkwardly.  If you're wondering how many strangers stopped to stare because I was just. SO. awkward.  I couldn't tell you... I lost count ^^;

CNE was really quite picturesque, from the chair lifts in the sunset to the Ferris wheel all lit up brightly coloured lights.

And even though I was just at Canada's Wonderland the day before, I was still really excited to go on the rides.  It's actually quite different, in my defense: Wonderland is for the super fast roller-coaster thrills whereas here, it's about the pretty lights.

In case you have incredible eyesight and were wondering, yes that is a film camera, specifically the Minolta Hi Matic AF2.  It's from the eighties (matches the time period of my theme!) and actually works! -- unlike some of the other film cameras I picked up secondhand.  My super sweet coworker dug it out of his attic and gifted it to me when I mentioned I was interested in both photography and vintage stuff.  I did take photos at the CNE with it but I was feeling stingy and wanting to conserve film, only to realize after the fact that I can't develop the photos until I finished the whole roll!  Poop on me, guess those photos will just have to wait a little longer :(

I actually didn't have enough tickets to go on the merry-go-round, but asked the attendant very nicely if I could stand for a photo as people got on and off the ride.  The only two rides was really excited about and actually bought tickets for were the chair lift and ferris wheel.

What was totally unplanned but worked out great was that the chair lifts actually go in two directions (instead of a full loop), so the view heading there was of one end of the carnival which included the ferris wheel:

...and then view from the ferris wheel was the other end of the carnival, which included the Toronto skyline, featuring the CN Tower right in the middle :)

For those of you still interested in going to the Ex, this is the last week it'll be in town!! (ending September 5th)  Don't miss out or you'll have to wait a whole nother year!
Hope you enjoy the last bits of summer!  Thanks for reading! :)