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Beautiful Bruce Peninsula

Hello everyone!  Many apologies for the long hiatus.  I've been really caught up with some extra curricular activities.  On the plus side, I've also been fortunate enough to capture some gorgeous dancers on my camera (oops, I've revealed too much!) so I'm pretty darn excited for all the things I have planned.

Just going to jump right to the photos of this post. Little recap since it's been a good while since I last posted.
These photos are from a multi-family trip to the Bruce Peninsula (the same trip as the last post featuring the dogs).

My lovely ladies of the trip:

Tina & my hand-picked prop of the day
Sitting pretty at Flowerpot Island

My cousin Crystal 

At Sauble Beach
The second photo of my cousin has an "interesting" glow -- when I went to Flowerpot Island the week prior to this trip, I noticed that despite the sunshiney weather, all the pros had their giant flashes going off.  I decided to experiment this time.  I'm not sure if I like the effect here, but in some instances, it did work.

I've noticed that the majority of my people shots are of girls (and John) so I was pretty happy to have Haikang as the token male model of the weekend.

Second appearance of my prop
The flash here is also less glare-y

But why male models?

I find that male models have a distinctly different feel from female models -- and because of it, the lines and shapes and even colours that I want to create and capture are radically different.

I really want to thank Haikang for being such a great sport.  He got pretty into it and took direction very well.

Lost in the woods?
Although sometimes he did question my instructions...

"Hold this weird mushroom I found so I can take a picture!"
"What if it's poisonous?"
"I'm not telling you to eat it!"
...most of the time I just let him chill.

At the top of our first trail - gorgeous view below
At the beach with the sunset, I knew there was this one "Hawaii Five-O" type shot I wanted to try to create, so I got a little extra demanding for this one:

"Turn left, head right. No, just your body left; the head turns the other way!"

 But of course, we still had time to play around.

There were a total of 4 DSLRs on the trip (gotta rock that Asian tourist stereotype) PLUS everyone's cellphone camera so there was definitely not a minute that went uncaptured.  I apologize again for the ridiculously long delay in this post, but you can expect a new one soon for sure! (pinky promise)

Thanks for reading!