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Dog Days

Hello everyone!  Many apologies for the lack of posts these past two weeks.  Things have been pretty hectic lately but I'm trying to remind myself not to let laziness or procrastination get in the way of this photo journal.  I have lots of plans for future posts so I definitely can't fall behind!

Last weekend was a long weekend, and so we took a multi-family trip to the Bruce Peninsula (parents got the brilliant idea after seeing my photos from the week prior -- I was like, "uhh, I was just there? we're going again? okay...")  The good thing though was we stayed for much longer and got to visit different places, which resulted in hundreds of photos I have yet to properly sort through (but I will!  I pinky promise).

In the meantime!  Please enjoy these photos of our canine friends :)

Two dazzling beauties here:

Pure white husky

Fluffy fluff - yes, I'm pretty sure that's the official name

Additionally, I ran into the cutest couple while waiting for our ferry.  Read about their story below:

Here is a story about love at first sight:

The Boy

The Girl

She spotted him from a distance.

She walked by, and he was captivated.

The awestruck look on his face

He couldn't stop staring; she turned away to show off the "assets".
Namely, corgi butt.


Then they got married and lived happily ever after.  True story.