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Photoshoot: Flowerpot Island

As you may have already known from my Instagram, I recently went to Flowerpot Island.  We took a ferry departing from Tobermory on the Bruce Peninsula and stayed on the island for around 3 hours.  We knew the drive there would take at least 4 hours (not including the frequent stops along the way) so we wanted to make the most out of it.

Outfit #1 while buying ferry tickets

On the boat
Hold on to your hat! It was actually quite windy 
On our way to the Big Flowerpot
Flowerpot Island is a beautiful location that attracts many tourists.  Being in a large group with members all toting giant DSLRs, we also attracted the attention of many tourists.  One of which, is the super happy Alice, pictured below.

Reminds me of an Asian Pop CD album cover
We met on the boat and her fun and friendly nature captivated all of us.  She was very excited to pose and her sunny choice of clothing was perfect for the blue water and skies.  Love all these postcard style shots!

"Greetings from Flowerpot Island"
"Thanks for visiting the Bruce Peninsula!"

"Wish you were here :)"

Anita's looking quite sweet in Outfit Number 2 on the rocks by Big Flowerpot:

Outfit number 3, waiting to go back to Tobermory

Looking clean and fresh in white :)
(but feeling hot and sweating in the sun :P)

A few of the members of the photography association
The trip was organized by the same photography association I briefly mentioned in this post.  My poor baby SL1 looked so tiny next to their Nikons and Canons (or should I say 'Cannons'? bwahaha)  It was a great experience and I'm eagerly looking forward to seeing how their photos turned out.  The best thing I'm hoping to get out of this is the learning experience from working side by side with professionals.

The part 2 of this post featuring my outfits from the trip will be posted soon, so stay tuned!