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Shadow Stripes on Silk

Happy Halloween everyone!  As a kid, I loved Halloween because hey, free candy.  Now that I'm an adult, I love the days right after Halloween...because all the candy goes on sale :P

vintage secretary
I love love love this Diane von Furstenberg dress, when I saw it, I knew I had to have it.  The 100% silk construction feels amazing and the self-tie bow and long cuffs all contribute to a super vintage vibe.  At the same time though, I think this is timeless enough look that I would still wear it to work.  Basically, emotional me + practical me are both happy with this purchase :)

diligently taking notes
Apologies as my costume this year isn't very Halloween-y.  Clearly, I cheated a little bit by using my vintage shoot to double as my Halloween get-up.  But typewriters can be scary too!

OooOooOOOoooo it's a typo oh nooooooo how will I fix it

dun dun DUNNNN
But in all seriousness, it must've been quite frustrating back in the day typing on typewriters, going slowly to avoid making a mistake (white-out wasn't invented until much much later).  And even though I was just playing around on the typewriter, I still had to type in sort of a slow, exaggerated fashion.  I discovered that I couldn't type quickly because the type bars (thin metal bars that spring up when you hit the key) would get stuck if I hit a second key before the first type bar fell back down.  It was kind of a light bulb moment for me, like "ohhh that's why some people still type like that".

On a slightly related and more Halloween-y note, there's a short story by Stephen King called "Word Processor of the Gods" that I enjoyed from his Skeleton Crew collection.  I'm a big fan of Stephen King's work, especially his short stories.

Thanks for reading! Hope you enjoyed these photos, and special thanks to Anita for lending me her typewriter :)