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Back to School with Amanda

The heatwave finally broke and it's back to our regularly scheduled programming: hellooooo Autumn! "Second summer" was nice but the intense heat days made me wish for more seasonally appropriate temperatures, oof. Seems like I got my wish considering I was shivering in my jacket on my way to work yesterday! The drop from 40 to 15 degrees was so sudden and dramatic, it'll be a while before my body adjusts. But I know better than to wish for a third summer -- feels nice and cozy to be wrapped up in knits and jackets.

Unfortunately for Amanda, it was still unseasonably hot (in the sun at least) when we shot these photos! Props in advance for being such a trooper, but what is fashion without the occasional sacrifice of physical discomfort :P

Dress from Forever21
Boots from Steve Madden

Bag from Kate Spade

Q: What are some trends right now that catch your eye? What are some upcoming trends that you’re excited to try out?
Some trends I am excited for this fall are the check prints, long blazers, and waist belts. I feel like Autumn wear is usually very heavy and structured, probably to follow the transition of the weather. But this fall, I'm seeing a lot of little features to add to fall outfits. The waist belts are showing up as outfit staples, which I absolutely love. They're a great way to shape and accent your waistline. Works well with dresses, tops, and sweaters. You can even pair it with a thicker transitional jacket if the weather is permitting! The other two (check print and long blazers) have caught my attention but I’ve yet to find the right piece to add to my wardrobe.

Sunglasses from Burberry
Belt from Dynamite

Q: What are some of your key pieces for this transitional period between seasons?
A key item for me is the leather jacket. It's super useful in the colder temperatures but also super cute. I love that it brings a new element to any outfit. The great thing about leather jackets is they come in so many styles now too! You can rock it classic, edgy, or the bad-ass biker style. Another key thing I like to do during seasonal transitions is to slowly integrate my summer colours with some warmer, fall tones. It's a good way to move from one wardrobe to another gradually.

slayin' with that bad-girl vibe!

really a very nice girl tho :) 

Q: Being out of school, how does “back to school” season affect your wardrobe, if at all?

Having gone through many years of “back to school" seasons, when I think "back to school", my immediate thought is fall shopping! Haha... I swear I am not a shopaholic. My biggest thing with “back to school” is that a lot of my wardrobe still includes my school days with new pieces mixed in throughout the years. So I'll window-shop to check out what's out there in the market while keeping in mind that instead of always searching for new pieces, I should try more to revisit existing items. My challenge is to be able to adapt the more school-day pieces so that they can grow with me as my lifestyle and wardrobe needs change. So far, that mostly entails mixing up how I wear and pair, and when necessary, retiring certain items that no longer work for me.

Leather jacket from Zara
Top from Forever21
Skirt from Zara
Sneakers from Adidas

Thanks Amanda for sharing your outfits and outlook on fall fashion trends! I personally love the two main colours featured. Burgundy has been a long-standing favourite but mustard is a recent love that's becoming a strong contender as well! Both colours are also perfectly autumn so thanks Amanda for setting the fall mood hehe!

Hope you enjoyed these photos! Thanks for reading :)