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Fall Walks with Lily

Super excited to share the first post of my 2017 Fashion Photography project!  January post featuring the fabulous Lily :)
I've been eager to share these photos for a while.  As I'm sure you can see from the autumn leaves, they were taken a little while ago #tbt :P

Jacket -
Top - Dynamite
Skirt - J Crew

Back in November one weekend, we met up for lunch to chat about our respective interest in fashion and photography and go for a quick shoot afterwards.  The trees were still gorgeous in their autumn colours but at the same time, enough had fallen that the ground was covered in a beautiful leafy blanket.

my favourite shot from this shoot!
Lily expressed an interest in a blog of her own, to document and share her fashion ideas, but she was concerned with finding the right photographer.  I was, of course, then incredibly touched that she liked my work enough to reach out to see if we could collab!

Watch - Daniel Wellington

These photos are from our first, "exploratory" shoot together, when we wanted to figure out if we had the right dynamic to work together.  Blogging can be real work sometimes, and we both agreed that the dynamic between photog and model is so so important for a continued commitment like a fashion blog.

Heels - Saks 5th Ave,

I can't recall the last time where I had a model for a fashion shoot, and it really was this shoot experience with Lily that reinvigorated my love for fashion photography and motivated me to make fashion photography my focus for the new year!

Lily's blog is still a WIP at the moment, but I'll let her introduce herself and her style a little here:

Coat - Zara

Q: How would you describe your style?

A: When I get dressed, I like to try to achieve the perfect balance of a classic look mixed with a little sexy. I feel like this blend is what keeps an outfit interesting, but also classy. I am notorious for wearing monochromes and pastels, but I make up for the lack of colour by adding subtle accessories such as a Daniel Wellington watch, or a pair of diamond studs and thin gold chain.

Q: What are some fashion icons that inspire you?
A: My work-wear inspiration is definitely Suits… the women on that show have mastered that balance of classy and sexy that I was talking about earlier. For everyday, I love the model-off-duty style that celebs like Miranda Kerr and Kendall Jenner are able to pull off so well. My fave blogs at the moment are Pink Peonies by Rach Parcell, and Lolariostyle by Sasha Simon.

Hat - Nordstrom
Sunglasses - Ted Baker
Earrings - Saks 5th Ave.

Q: Why do you like fashion?
A: They say fashion is art. And since I can’t draw, dressing up is the best way for me to express my creative side. I also believe that the way we dress directly influences the way we feel, which in turn affects the way others perceive and treat us. So whether you care about clothes or not, the way you dress and express your personal style has a direct impact on your life - it’s this relationship that intrigues me so much. The best thing about fashion is that it’s everywhere, and I often draw inspiration for my outfits from people I see on the streets or even the cover of a magazine stand at the grocery checkout.

Top - Zara
Culottes - Zara
Heels - Saks 5th Ave.

More from Lily to come in the future, she's been so fun to shoot with, can't wait to share more shoots!
February will be a different model so stay tuned for that :)
Cheers & thanks for reading!