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Photography Walk on Capital Hill

After January and February's vintage posts, I admit to being a little overly-optimistic in how things work out for the vintage photoshoot ideas I have planned. I wanted to try an outdoor shoot for March but Ottawa got slammed with 50cm+ of snow in its first two weeks... so unfortunately, that didn't really align with the visuals I had in mind.  It was somewhat warmer (ie. raining) when I first started writing this blog post...but it looks like we're seeing some more snow.  So much for first week of Spring! Still, I'm keeping my fingers crossed I'll be able to get a Spring-style shoot in before the end of the month.

One weekend gave the slightest hint of the end of winter, at a record warmth of 2 degrees above zero, and so my new photog buddy Nick and I went on a photography walk around Parliament. I haven't really visited the buildings but apparently tours need to be booked waaay in advance so I've made a note to self to go next time.

appreciating the symmetry
We also went down to the lock station which was semi-frozen. The Ottawa River pathway was closed off but it didn't stop anyone (including us) from taking a lovely stroll into the snow scene.

rules were meant to be broken, right?

snow scene

art gallery

The pathway is frequently used by runners during nicer weather but under current conditions, we only ventured a wee bit in to grab some shots, even less for me considering the lack of proper footwear.

Alexandra Bridge off in the distance

Turning around, I set my sights on the Fairmont Chateau Laurier.

spotted from a distance

closer look

I love love LOVE the Chateau Laurier, it always struck me as super elegant and majestic and castle-like.  I've never been inside though, just always admired it from afar.  I mentioned this to Nick and he said we could cut through it to get to our next destination.  Could we really?? I was practically giddy with excitement.
As we came up around the front, Nick pointed out that everyone who visits Ottawa takes this shot of the lock station (below).  Well, I have been here over a year now and still haven't yet -- can't very well pass up when I'm standing right here, can I?  When in Rome :)

Heading into the Chateau, I gasped and squealed the whole time.  Everything was just so gorgeous and perfectly vintage.  I felt like I died and went to vintage backdrop heaven.

giant chandelier

adorable little desk

this room <3
I wanted to stay in there forever, finally reluctantly leaving at Nick's promise that we could return for a real photoshoot next time.

After the Chateau, we headed into Major's Hill Park (which I kept accidentally calling "major hills park" -- as in, there are some major hills in that park - badum-tss).  The snow made everything bright and beautiful, but also a bit stark and so I struggled a little to get anything other than dark silhouettes of the buildings.  Nevertheless, it really was the perfect day to be playing in the snow. There must've been some sort of daddy daycare/after school event consdering all the little kiddies running around in their colourful snowsuits.

xmas lights still strung up on the trees

Nick also took the opportunity to pose with his newly formed snow family.

such a happy family
Loved these picturesque benches as well! So lovely.

Now, anyone who knows me even a little bit knows I can't resist climbing a good tree when I see one.  I always appreciate the higher vantage point and a new perspective -- plus, it's just fun :)
With very little convincing, Nick joined me as well.

relaxing in a tree

Although he did get a little nervous when I poked him into moving to a higher branch...

koala says, "nyuuuu D: "
...he seemed to enjoy his new spot once he settled in.

"now, how do I get down?..."

It was starting to get a little chilly (I didn't have any gloves!) and so we headed off to our last stop by the Alexandra Bridge (previously seen from a distance).  It's over by the art gallery so we got to see some interesting art installations there as well.

some sort of meteor? and view of Parliament in the distance

Attack on Titan Parliament!

Alexandra Bridge
Last shot, a streetlamp from the Byward Market, still adorned with Christmas decorations :)

Thanks for reading!