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Favourite Fall Fashions

Hands down, fall is the best weather for fashion. This transitional time is perfect for playing around with multiple layers and different textures and colours. Plus, my general vicinity (aka. where these photos were taken - Ottawa, Toronto, Montreal) was fairly warm and mild autumn throughout October (although that's all over now -- brr!!) I really enjoyed putting together my Summer Fashion post so here goes another post for my favourite fall looks!

The Hipster Photographer

 Men's Cap from Coach
Sweatshirt from Forever21
Fall is not just great for fashion but also for shooting. Been doing a couple more photoshoots (stay tuned!) as well as just going on casual photowalks with Nick.

Leggings from Dynamite
Sneakers from Under Armour
When I'm shooting, I like to be comfy and agile. These sneakers are the perfect flexible shoes that I can run around in all day. I can pretty much live in this soft sweatshirt and these leggings are the perfect thickness for warmth and coverage on cooler autumn days. I also really appreciate the moto detail that adds a little bit of an edge. I also prefer to use a cap to keep my hair out of my eyes versus a ponytail as I find they're either tied too tight and give me a headache or fall apart too easily and I don't want to be constantly re-tying it.

The Modern Vintage 

Olive Trench from Burberry
Houndstooth dress from H&M
OTK Boots from Ivanka Trump
Vintage hat and patent purse

I've been looking to add a houndstooth print piece to my wardrobe and was so happy to have found this dress at H&M. Full price threw me off a bit since I've been mostly thrift-shopping lately but I eventually gave in to the lovely little details, like the bonus plaid pattern, flared half-sleeves, and sequined swan broach -- it's the perfect mix of modern and vintage!

Paired with OTK black boots to combat the mini length, I'm dressed stylishly yet appropriately for the modern day workplace. Adding my vintage hat and swapping my work bag for this pearl-handle purse then brings a classic flare to my date night stroll in the park. Reminds me of the ladylike style of Jackie Kennedy!

The Dressy Pajamas

Dress from The Jetset Diaries
Boots from Stuart Weitzman
Purse from Vince Camuto

Rolled outta bed for brunch date in Montreal and wanted to continue my lazy weekend vibes. Threw on this boutique oxblood striped dress -- feels soft and comfy like pajamas, but has a slightly more polished and publicly appropriate look hehe

I honestly can't stop wearing these Lowland boots from SW. Both these and the black OTK pair have been exactly what I needed for my mini-length dresses that I thought I had to give up. This pair's in a lovely rich praline colour and has a lower heel which is great for extended walking.  In fact, I climbed up and down Mount Royal in them!

The Fashion Power Lunch

Utility dress from Banana Republic
Turtleneck sweater from Tristan
Belt from Halogen
Booties preloved from Burberry

I first saw this utility dress featured on Wendy's Lookbook, and even though I appreciate that it was an accessible brand, the price at the time was $170 -- way too much for my taste. And while I liked the look on her, I was a little intimidated thinking it was one of those "blogger only" looks, suitable for photoshoots but not real life.

However, when browsing men's sale for gifts, I saw the dress again, now on sale for $44 plus another 50% off! Now that was a price point I was willing to give a shot ;) In this season, there was no way I could style it the way Wendy did but I did take a page out of her book for the colour palette. I normally don't think of black and beige but figured I might as well go all in with the fashion blogger look. Plus. I found it paired perfectly with these new booties I picked up from the designer resale Facebook group that I've been meaning to wear!

I love this outfit because it reminds me that I need to stop undermining myself -- I blog about fashion, that makes me a fashion blogger! Strutting around the office, elated and elevated (thank you booties!) I've never felt more confident and happy heading off to lunch :)

The Casual Friday

Cotton dress shirt from Old Navy
Jeans from Forever21
Belt from H&M
Olive trench from Burberry
Scarf from Zara

The one downside to fall that I can think of is that it's the prelude to the winter that will inevitably follow. Evidenced by the sun is starting to set so much earlier now, our early evening photowalks after work can produce only a few images before we give in to the diminishing light.

gazing dramatically at the setting sun

Heels from Aldo
If you couldn't tell from these pumps, my trench, and the booties from the previous look, I cannot resist a buckle detail. It's one of the reasons I favour this trench over my [many] others. There's just such a strong and powerful feel to buckles, when I'm putting on these pieces, I feel like I'm buckling in because I'm gonna spring into action :P

The Rainy Sunday

Sweater from LOFT
Jeans from J Brand
Booties from BP

This LOFT sweater is one of my newest additions to my sweater collection but has easily become one of my favourite! The soft, warm grey shade plus the mock-neck are super cozy and the loose sleeves give it a relaxed vibe. I keep reaching for this sweater and have pretty much lived in it since I bought it -- so good thing I shot all the other outfits first!

I love staying home, preferably in bed, all day whenever it's a rainy day. Luckily for me, I got all my errands done on Saturday so I got to do just that! Between photo editing, blog post writing, and Stranger Things binge-watching, all in all, it was a pretty productive rainy Sunday.

Bonus Outfit: Halloween costumes!

This outfit essentially marks the end of fall fashion for me. Nick and I picked up vintage blazers from a thrift shop and donned paperboy caps, hoping to take pictures of trick-or-treaters after work. However, I left my cap and camera at home and basically showed up to work looking like Amy Farrah-Fowler! (brogues not visible in the photo but that's what I'm wearing). Someone actually asked me if I raided my grandma's closet (facepalm) so I made sure to ditch the blazer and swap into more modern shoes for rest of the work day. After work, we drove into the suburbs to Nick's work buddy's house to hang out in wait for trick-or-treaters, but it was honestly soooo cold we barely caught a glimpse of any costumes before we gave up and went home. We saw some cool decorations on the houses but again, the cold froze out any motivation we had to take photos.

It actually snowed this weekend but I'm still kind of in denial. Nevertheless, all the stores have already swapped out Halloween things for Christmas stuff so it's only a matter of time before I have to come to terms with the fact that winter will soon be upon us *dun dun dunnnn*

Hope you liked these photos! I noticed after that my summer post focused mostly on weekend outfits and so I tried this time to also showcase some looks of how I spend my 9-5. Thanks for reading :)