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New Perspectives

Hello everyone! Apologies for the lack of post last week.  I've feeling a bit under the weather for a while and it has since escalated to a high fever the past few days.  On the plus side, I seem to be recovering now and am looking forward to going back to Toronto for the Halloween weekend.

I keep talking about "going back to Toronto" but I haven't really talked about where I am now -- mostly because (I shamefully admit) I haven't really taken many photos in my new location.
I'm currently working and living in Ottawa, Canada's capital city.  And there's a couple of reasons why I haven't really gone shooting around Ottawa, the first reason being this:

Sailboats on the Rideau Canal
That's me there on that red boat.
Kidding!  I wish.  I have no boats :(

This is my fantastic view from my apartment's balcony in Ottawa, a scene that occupies 30% of what I see each day (another 40% = work, and another 40% = sleep.  That adds up to 100 right?)

Sunset and sail boats
But I honestly find myself so lazy and tired after work, I just take the one bus straight home and don't really go out or do anything other than enjoy some truly glorious sunsets.

Something about this just makes me feel really peaceful

when I can't sleep I look out my window

But the other reason is that when the weekend comes around, one of two things will happen:
  1) I leave Ottawa and end up taking photos (Montreal post, Toronto post)
  2) I stay in Ottawa and don't take any photos.

I'm not trying to say that Ottawa's not beautiful and photogenic, just look at this tree I passed by near work the other day.

Weekend after this photo when I went back to Toronto and out with the fam jam, nothing looked as red and gorgeous as that tree.
But it's just different hanging out back home with friends I've know for years and years versus meeting new people and trying to make friends here.  Going out to lunch or shopping back home means I can occasionally break away from the conversation and snap up some photos without feeling weird but in a less familiar setting with less familiar people... it just seems more socially acceptable to be singing along in karaoke instead of sitting off to the side and taking pictures of other people singing (because that's just really really weird).  It's one of those situations where taking a picture would literally take me out of the picture (badum-tss).

Hopefully as time goes by I'll find a better rhythm to my weekdays and find some time to myself on the weekends.  There are some places I've spotted in passing that would make great photoshoot venues and can you believe I still haven't visited Parliament?  Although given recent tragic events, I might wait a while before I go.

Anyway, I should get back to packing for Toronto!  Look forward to my next costume-filled post ;)