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TBT: Photoshoot at Brick Works

I realize that based on my last couple of posts crying for summer may make it seem like I don't like autumn, which is not the case at all.  I love many aspects of autumn, especially all the colours.  Wine red or burgundy is my favourite and autumn in my opinion is the best season suited for it.  From my profile photo, you can sort of see the sleeves of my wine red trench coat (though it looks a bit lighter in that picture).

Another realization I had recently is that I tend to post on Thursdays, which might explain why I've been doing a lot of #throwbacks (or maybe I'm just a nostalgic person.)  But this post is a true throwback, not to like last week or a few months ago, these photos are from 2013 whoo!

So back in Oct of 2013, Anita and I visited Evergreen Brick Works, a former quarry and industrial site located in the Don River valley (source: Wikipedia).  We had heard great things about it being a awesome place to take photos, so she with her Nikon and me with my Canon and then both of us with our most unlikely of friendships went off on this fantastical journey together.

I knew Anita was going to bring her camera so I strategically only brought my 50mm portrait lens and just used whichever camera would give me the shot that I wanted.

Here's one of Anita I took using her Nikon:

Bright red scarf pops so nicely
It was cold and I was fumbling already since I was wearing gloves so I didn't even try to play with the settings on her camera, but from the end products, there are some pretty noticeable differences between the photos from the two cameras.  Here's one from my Canon:

It's less noticeable now as I did try to adjust them to reduce the differences but you can still tell that the Canon's colours are considerably darker (look at her boots!)

But camera differences aside, there were two other things I noticed looking at these photos a whole year after they were taken; first, I remember taking lots of photos that day but there were a lot less usable photos to choose from.  Many were blurry or I just didn't like them as much as I remember liking them a year ago (hopefully a sign of improvement?)  These three were the best out of the bunch (one below being my favourite) which brings me to my second thing:

Cutest shy smile ever? Top contender for sure
I can't remember what was going on through my head but at least half of all the shots were looking away from the camera.  Look, there's even one I got Anita to take of me:

You know what's funny?  I'm 90% sure I purposely bought that McDonald's tea just to use as a prop :P  But I don't know, maybe I was in that whole "I'm so serious, let's make serious faces" phase, who knows.

We picked a pretty good day to go to Brick Works because they have an flea market on Sundays.  Since we went around closing time, we only had to pay a dollar to get in :)  There were some pretty cool stuff, but I think these are the best photos that came out of the bunch.

No flea market is complete without
a typewriter

or vintage suitcases

or vintage cameras
(favourite out of these objects)

or bowling pins?
or this sign apparently
There's really no smooth segway from that last photo so I'm just going to do what I actually do in real life in uncomfortable situations which is yell out "SUBTLE TOPIC CHANGE" and then start talking about something else.

There were also a decent number of people at the park section of Brick Works, including the family of this little cutie right here:

Looking like a little teddy bear in her coat
I always complain that my mom takes photos of strangers' children, but I never realized the trait was genetic!  I'll have to watch myself more carefully in the future to avoid getting yelled at by parents.

Speaking of being yelled at by parents, I plan on going home and seeing my own this Thanksgiving weekend.  I have a couple of photoshoot ideas planned (a hint was very discreetly given in the first paragraph) so stay tuned to see what I am cryptically talking about!

To all the Canadians out there, Happy Thanksgiving Weekend!