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2018 Summer Fashion Trends

Hooray it's summer! Even though it only just became official yesterday, I felt summer-like weather as of the very first day of the month! The winters in Ottawa are so brutally painful and long that any glimmer of summer vibes is cause for celebration. Last year's summer almost passed me by but it's resurgence in September actually triggered new photography and blog ideas. My 2017 Summer Fashion post being the kick-off post, followed shortly by a Fall Fashion post and a whole monthly fashion component to my yearly project. However, summer (and likely fall again later this year) deserves its own spotlight. This year, I noticed some fun trends in popular fashion that I somehow am keeping up with! I'm not usually a subscriber to current trends although I do like to observe them and it's just a happy coincidence when I happen to be on trend! Without further ado, here are the three trends I seem to be on board with this summer :

Trend 1: Paperbag bottoms

Peplum jersey top from Jacob
Thrifted skirt
Belt from Banana Republic
Red purse from Zara
Flats from Louise et Cie

Let me tell you just how accidentally on trend this skirt is: I bought this from one of my thrifting hauls...back in January! I loved it so much I went home and put the top and belt together right away. And then proceeded to wait 5 months until it was finally warm enough to wear it. I wore this outfit to work for casual Friday's and got oodles of compliments -- great boost of self-esteem! And then passing this row of lilacs on the way home = perfect photo op!

Blouse from H&M
Pants from Zara
Heels from Marciano

This outfit is all newer pieces for me this season but I love how effortlessly it comes together. I surprisingly didn't own a rose print top and while I liked seeing the many paperbag pants options out there, it was this brick colour with the cuffs in the soft pant material from Zara that really sold it for me! What I really appreciate about this self-tie is that the pant itself is already cinched in the paperbag style without needing the belt, and so the belt sits flat and the bow ties nicely. A lot of other self-tie pants either have the string pulling through or the belt goes over, having the pleats unevenly distributed which can look kind of messy. This look has been my go-to for a classy girl's brunch out, and also a casual but professional look at the office. Yay multi-purpose!

Trend 2: Double Denim

Chambray joggeres from aerie
Crop top from Forever21
Denim Jacket from H&M (thanks Amanda!)
Crochet Sneakers from Guess

These chambray joggers are also a new addition this season after an unexpected venture into aerie which proved to be quite fruitful! They are the perfect balance between "loose enough to be comfy" and "sleek enough to be chic". I wore these to Montreal and it got a little chilly at times so I borrowed Amanda's denim jacket for a "Canadian Tuxedo" look! Turns out double denim is a real trend, so great to see retro vibes making a comeback! This outfit has become my go-to weekend/photographer outfit. Camera fits nicely in backpack for when I don't need it out and the loose bottoms mean I can pop a squat whenever I need to get into intense photographer mode. Little secret...I'm slightly embarrassed to admit I wore this easy breezy outfit three weekends in a row (swapping in my own denim jacket the second weekend, and a different tee for the third)!

Chambray shirt from aerie
Pineapple crop top from Hollister
Denim shorts from Guess
Slides from Town Shoes

This chambray shirt was part of the same aerie haul and oh my gosh it is soooo soft. It's the perfect weight to throw on over summer outfits that are a little skimpier, to still have the cool without bearing too much skin! I used to wear this oxford men's-style shirt from Club Monaco as a cover up but I got some curry on it and now there's this bright yellow stain where I tried to wash it out :( Am glad now that I have a replacement! I also want to talk a bit about these shorts and actually just shorts in general. I'm at this point where I've accumulated a number of cute shorts but working Mon-Fri and then having all these other fun things to wear on the weekend, I really can't get through all my shorts in rotation! So I'm taking a heavy hand to editing more of the casual items in my closet. These shorts however have made the cut! They are easily one of my favourites, an oldie but a goodie! The mid-rise is really comfy, there's good bum cheek coverage (very important to me), pockets are a unique touch, and the wash is a classic shade of light blue! It's not always easy to edit a closet, especially for someone like me who has emotional attachment to a lot of my items, but the process can also give renewed appreciation for those pieces that you truly love!

Trend 3: Navy Shadow Stripes 

Anyone who knows me knows that I love navy stripes and nautical theme overall. I own many (many many) striped items and navy stripes in my opinion are one of those classic styles that never go out of style! Nevertheless, I wanted to try a slight twist on an old classic, so I tried to feature pieces where the navy stripe is more of a subtle touch rather than the prominent pattern.

Bodysuit from Express
Maxi skirt from Club Monaco
Belt from Nordstrom
Chloe Purse from my mom
Sandals from Massimo Dutti

This maxi-skirt was also purchased in the middle of winter, as part of the Christmas sales! I very quickly fell in love with the floral pattern with the navy stripes adding an extra layer of interest in the background but unlike the paperbag skirt, I didn't know how I wanted to pair it until the time came. Since I loved the pattern so much, I kept the other pieces simple to keep the focus on the skirt. I really enjoy the low heel of these sandals to give a bit of elevation so I'm not completely flat, but not too high so that it's overdressed. This outfit for me would be for a cute date night with the S.O :)

Romper from Club Monaco
Vintage purse
Sandals from Massimo Dutti

Another piece from Club Monaco, I've actually had this one for a few years now, but that's part of why I love it. Classic items never go out of style! The lyocell fabric is so silky and breezy, the wide leg for those palazzo pant vibes, and the cute little self-tie bow for a sliver of skin adds the special finishing touch. Side note, straw/raffia purses also seem to be trending now! I saw a number of designs at Zara and other mainstream stores, but I really like this vintage one that I found at the thrift store. It's very sturdy and well-made and has little metal feeties. I love feeties as I tend to put my purse down without thinking at times and the feeties prevent the bottom of the purse from getting dirty. A necessity for anyone who is like me in that sense!

This post (and the outfits featured) were much anticipated for me, as I've mentioned, some I've waited months to be able to wear out! Don't want to jinx anything but summer this year seems like it'll be a good one! Looking forward to more fashion fun in the sun :P

Hope you enjoyed these outfits! Thanks for reading :)


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